D-Link dsl-g624m firewall

  karmgord 20:41 16 Mar 2009

i have a D-Link dsl-g624m and despite reading the manual and help files I don't understand what other than check the enable option i have to do to set up the firewall what do i need to input wih the other settings on the page?

  ambra4 23:25 16 Mar 2009

Wireless 108G MIMO ADSL2/2 Router - DSL-G624M

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The Firewall Configuration menu allows the Router to enforce specific predefined policies

intended to protect against certain common types of attacks.

There are two general types of protection (DoS, Port Scan) that can be

enabled on the Router, as well as filtering for specific packet types sometimes used by


You can choose to Enable or Disable protection against a customized basket of attack and scan

To enable DoS Protection or Port Scan Protection, select the Enable radio button for the

protection type and click in the selection boxes for the various types of protection listed under


Dos Protection

A DoS "denial-of-service" attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent

legitimate users of a service from using that service.

Examples include: attempts to "flood" a network, thereby preventing legitimate network

traffic, attempts to disrupt connections between two machines, thereby preventing access to a

service, attempts to prevent a particular individual from accessing a service, or, attempts to

disrupt service to a specific system or person

Port Scans Protection

Is designed to block attempts to discover vulnerable ports or services that might be exploited in

an attack from the WAN

Set the Firewall for Dos Protection

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