D-LInk DSL G604T Access

  Woolwell 14:26 31 Dec 2007

I have an odd problem with my DSL G604T modem/router. It is connected by cable to my main PC running Windows XP. I can only access the configuration page of the router through IE7 if I clear the IE7 cache beforehand. If I do not clear the cache I get "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". In Firefox I can always get to the configuartion page but the graphics are not always present (text only) unless I clear the cache for this browser too. Puzzled what can be causing this. I am using BitDefender for firewall, etc.
Fortunately I don't have to access the configuration page very often so this is not a major snag just a nuisance.

  Taff™ 19:20 31 Dec 2007

That`s odd. I`m using a G604T with Vista and XP plus IE7 and no problems at all. Have you tried turning off BitDefender? Although I can`t think why that should make any difference.

  Woolwell 11:01 01 Jan 2008

BitDefender shouldn't make any difference at all as you stated. Initially I thought I had a firewall problem but I could always get access through Firefox although all of the graphics were not constantly displayed. I have set all of my IE7 settings to default and still it occurs.

  Taff™ 11:44 01 Jan 2008

Does it look like something to do with Accessibility Settings, you say text only? Another thought, have you at any time applied a firmware upgrade to the router?

  Woolwell 12:44 01 Jan 2008

The router has the latest firmware update. I haven't always this problem. It seemed to start with IE7. It isn't an add-on as I get the same problem without add-ons running.

  Woolwell 12:48 01 Jan 2008

Just found the problem - BitDefender parental control was stopping access. Being a grandfather I don't think I need parental control!

  Woolwell 12:53 01 Jan 2008

Thanks Taff™ for your help.

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