D-Link 530TX installation grief!!!!

  Chegs ®™ 01:48 05 Jan 2006

I have been loaned an ancient PC (Dell Dimension XPS D233) running ME.I decided that the easiest method to update this machines software would be to install an NIC(D-Link 530TX (Rev A) )adaptor.I have an assortment of driver files for this card,some downloaded off the D-Link website,and also the original floppy I got with the card.Despite my best efforts,the OS refuses to allow the driver I know is the correct,latest driver or any of the other driver files to install.Further annoyance from the Dell is it wont recognise a floppy disc,or a CD so I had to swap over the CD-Rom to a known good working one.I go to Device Manager,select whichever driver files I'm supposed to use as an updated driver,the OS requests a restart and on checking Device Properties again I still have an (!) beside the Dlink and the message "This device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have
all the drivers installed. (Code 10)

Try upgrading the device drivers for this device."

I know the card works as I booted up a live linux CD,and was able to surf the net,copy files off the ME HD's to folders on my networked PC's but no matter what I tried the ME OS installed on this Dell refuses to allow the correct loading of the right driver.

I booted the Dell up into "Safemode" and deleted all the additional hardware listed,then retried to install the D-Link driver from "normal" ME but still got the above message.I was going to install the D-Link driver in "Safemode" but in "Safemode" the D-Link is listed as correctly installed,eg:No (!) beside it.

Apart from binning this PC,anyone any suggestions on what else I might try?

  Skyver 01:55 05 Jan 2006

Perhaps it's just not compatible with Windows ME, or some other driver is conflicting - you've ruled everything else out. You might want to try accessing the boot menu (F5 at boot up?) and getting a boot log (if ME gives you that option, I can't remember) - you may see what driver(s) it's failing to load.

  Skyver 02:05 05 Jan 2006

I notice this particular driver page doesn't mention ME in the `supported platforms` list click here

Couldn't find the driver on the USA site.

  Chegs ®™ 02:35 05 Jan 2006

The NIC has been used with numerous systems and several OS's,its just this PC and its ME thats refusing to work right.I will have a go with F5 at bootup,see if it reveals anything.

Its not a conflict,thats a different error code to number ten(just can't offhand recall the right code for an resource conflict,which is surprising to me as my laptop loves to throw them up)

This page has the Dlink530TX ME driver on it

click here+

and my floppy disc that came with the NIC has another.

  Skyver 02:56 05 Jan 2006

Doubly frustrating when you know it /should/ work eh.
I would have a read of the bootlog...

  Chegs ®™ 05:29 05 Jan 2006

Got it!!!!!

The drivers I had been downloading were the right ones,but a bit more digging on google eventually led me to the original website where I noticed a tiny detail.

The drivers I had got were the D-LINK530TX+ drivers,and my cards not a + its a (rev a) so ME was right after all. :(

I got the right one,burnt it to CD-RW and then unzipped it on the Dell,then set to comparing the 80+ files with the 80+ files from the 530TX+ driver.As far as I could tell,there are minute differences in the "OEMSETUP.INF" files and bug all else but obviously were enough difference to upset ME.

I am using the Dell to post this,whilst the 40+ Updates install then I'm off to get a few hours kip before the Fraggle arises to head off to school.

Thanks for the responses Skyver,much appreciated.

The F5 key puts ME into "Safemode" same as F8 so I never got to see the "boot.log" :-))

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