D Drive is not working

  nowipowi 00:36 20 Aug 2007


I have two drives - D and E, and for some unknown reason my D drive is no longer working, i.e. each time I place a new cd in it I get the message "PLEASE INSERT A DISK INTO DRIVE D."

I've tried installing disks with drive E, and that works perfectly.

I've promised to send photo's of my daughters wedding to family and friends, and now I can't do that!!

My computer is Windows XP by the way.

Any help would be great.

  athenrye 00:48 20 Aug 2007

start with the simple things first mate
power down, unscrew thcpu and remove the cable from the back of the drive
replace them and then power back up
ensuring the are seated properly

if that dosnt work
go to my computer right click and choose properties, then hardware, device manager and look in there for any yellow explamation marks

if there some thing in there, post it and then wait for an expert in here to tell you what it is!
hope that helps

  nowipowi 13:01 20 Aug 2007


Have done both now, and still d drive not working.

E is fine. If I want to install things, then putting the cd in E is ok.

Trouble I have now is that I cannot send photos to people on a disk any more.


  Diemmess 16:08 20 Aug 2007

D: and E: are CD or DVD drives, and D: is unresponsive?

Can you read any data from a suitable disk in D:
If E: is a writer, can you not burn your photos using this drive?

I am guessing that the laser may have died in D: It doesn't seem a frequent happening these days, but optical read/write devices can be the most likely computer bits to fail.

  nowipowi 09:47 21 Aug 2007


Yes I can burn my photos on E Drive, but I know it sounds silly, will other people (on different computers) be able to see them on their D drive?

Hope I make sense.


  Lithium 11:11 21 Aug 2007

Yes (if thier drives work) Any data burnt to a CD-R should be seen by any letter on ANY CD DRICE

This is because the only reason a disc drive has a letter is because windows gives it one.

Basically the drive could be named X and it would still work.. Buy yes it looks as if you may have to buy a new drive or check your jumper settings. That is so often the cause of all the crap that happens.

  Diemmess 11:20 21 Aug 2007

The individual mechanism CDROM or CDR-W or DVD or whatever, are allocated to a particular drive on your particular computer, but which drive doesn't matter a scrap to the files stored on a CD or DVD.

As long as the wedding photos have been "burned" satisfactorily to a suitable blank disc, then it should be readable by any other similar type of reading device.
Now you have to decide what is wrong with the device which happens to be connected in the D: position on your computer!

  nowipowi 17:58 21 Aug 2007

Thanks for all your help guys.

  hugoboss38 23:31 14 Aug 2008

everytime i click on my d drive its saying can not find or its corrupted plz help as ive got loads of files on it that i can not open to recover and ideas how to make it work ive tried the fix errors but when i click on it to scan it just disapears of my screen

  woodchip 23:35 14 Aug 2008

Try a new Data Cable. Flat ribbon with a 80 wire one

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