Cyrix MII..Socket 7 ??? To Pentium ???

  russmini 11:27 04 Dec 2004

Until i finally by a new comp next year, what can i do to improve on cyrix as stopping me using various software. Can you change to pentium or what?


  Belatucadrus 11:46 04 Dec 2004

You need to identify the Motherboard and see what range of processors it will support. I recently changed a Cyrix 200 for an Intel 233, required some reading of the manual and fiddling with jumper switches, but not too difficult. Once you know what you can fit you'll probably need to hit the computer fairs or eBay to get a pentium that's suitable.
If you haven't got the MOBO manual, try running Everest click here and look up the Motherboard, it should provide a link to the manufacturers website.

  russmini 22:55 04 Dec 2004

What a star you are! Ran everest, went onto PC Partners web site, found all the info i needed and have just been onto Ebay and got Pentium upgrade!! All sorted in a few hours, thats what i call a good service!


  Belatucadrus 23:05 04 Dec 2004

Another idea is to add some RAM if you've got space for it.

  russmini 23:34 16 Dec 2004

ok if any one reads this i have just installed new pentium 233 that i bought, is there anything else i need to do ? all working fine as i am using it now, but do bios or drivers need changing, if so where next/how ?



  Belatucadrus 01:42 17 Dec 2004

No, if it shows up in System Properties as a pentium 233, that's your lot.

  russmini 20:47 17 Dec 2004

Thankyou, Belatucadrus you are / have been a great help from start to now a definate finish.


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