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  User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 23:58 05 Jul 2004

Hi sorry to trouble,But basically i'm thick,lol.
I started the 'Wipe the free (unused)disk space' option,But when it got to 50% complete,I got a message saying disk space is running out,So i stopped it.Just wanna know if this is safe to do,And what DOES it do basically.
Tried to understand the read me file,But made no difference to me!
Well i did say i was thick :(
thx in advance

  Dumble452 07:40 06 Jul 2004

Taken from Cyberscrub FAQ

When wiping the unused disk space on a drive or scrambling the deleted files and folders properties, CyberScrub creates a series of temporary files (.WIP files) in the root folder and fills them until there is no free space left on drive. Then it removes them from disk, thus freeing up the disk space. Each temporary file has up to 1 GB in size (if your drive has 3 GB of free space, CyberScrub will create three temporary files, it will fill them and then remove them from disk).

Sometimes Windows will warn you that you are running out of disk space on the drive where CyberScrub is wiping the disk free space. You should ignore this error, because CyberScrub will free up the disk space after it finishes wiping.

So it sounds as if this is a normal event and can be ignored.

Cheers for the response mate,This sounds like the answer to my problem,Although i have'nt tried it as yet.
I read someone on here( forget there name) asking if this site actually solves problems,Well i can safely say that as this is'nt my 1st problem i've encountered( And certainly won't be the last!)It has worked wonders for me,And it is only like ppl like yourself that has responded to my Queries.
Thanks again.


  Dumble452 08:30 06 Jul 2004


Like you I've had a lot of help here and it's good to be able to put something back.

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