cx3200 not printing black since clour cart change

  TBH1 18:22 19 Nov 2004

Just changed the colour cartridge in my Epson cx3200 printer - non-original one bought from 7dayshop - and now black not printing. Done nozzle clean thingy, head alignment - - still no black - -any ideas ?

  dan 11 18:44 19 Nov 2004

Same here. My black was only 50% used. I bought the generic cartridges from my usual local computer shop ( down to £8.68 for the pair ) and installed the colour. The black was terrible only giving about 50% quality. I cleaned the nozzle, alignment and did loads of test printing. still the same.

I installed the spare new black cartridge and print quality was back to 100%.

  Dorsai 19:09 19 Nov 2004

It may be just plain 'duff'. A problem that can happen to genuine carts, but from my experinace is a bit more common with non-genuine.

Did it have a label over the electrical contacts the needed peeling off?

Or perhaps the printer has just detected that it is non-genuine, and wont use it.

  TBH1 21:22 19 Nov 2004

the black cartridge, half full ( or half empty I guess) - was working fine until I changed colour one. The black is still registering half full, the colour ones full - -yet still no black.
Gonna take black out and wopt it back in to see what happens - then maybe wop the old colour one back in.
I bought this cart from 7dayshop, I usually purchase from choicestationery but 7dayshop had DVD's I wanted so ordered together. Spooky enough, the DVD's I was after became suddely out-of-stock.

Watch this space.

  TBH1 21:43 19 Nov 2004

still no joy - - guess I'm gonna have to wop in a new black one, gonna break me heart as have got 70% left

  Strawballs 21:51 19 Nov 2004

Take it back to where you got it I had same problem from one I bought from local market took it back the next week and he changed it without complaint all was well after it was just a duff cart

  dan 11 21:52 19 Nov 2004

These cartridges are chipped, so if you go below a certain level they are US. Mine always comes with a label that needs peeling off and the epson display warns that it is a non-epson cartridge, with a "do you wish to continue" notification. It then primes the cartridge as an original.


"guess I'm gonna have to wop in a new black one, gonna break me heart as have got 70% left " Well at least they are not £30 a time as some other makes of cartridges are.;-)

  TBH1 22:32 19 Nov 2004

chuff me - - - just changed the black one and all's OK - - -though my system stated 50% black left (was 70% when I started this thread), it appeared empty when I took it out.

You live and learn don't you ???

  TBH1 22:34 19 Nov 2004

PS - thanks to all.

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