Cut and paste from PDF files

  yogibear 19:17 27 Jul 2007

I have recieved an email today that has an attachment in Adobe Reader PDF format.

I need to share this attachment with some mates on a message board, but I can't cut and paste from it. I have printed it off a scanned it, converted to word, but that doesn't work either.

Any idea how I can copy the original document and post it on the web?

As far as I can see there is no protection/lock on the document.

  VoG II 19:21 27 Jul 2007
  Zaphod 3 19:46 27 Jul 2007

For my postings

  yogibear 19:51 27 Jul 2007

Thanks for that.

  yogibear 21:12 27 Jul 2007

Well, I've followed the istructions and it's ok until I try and select just doesn't do anything.

Guess I'll just have to type out the salient points, certainly be quicker.

Why is Adobe so awkward to use?

  algernonymous 21:38 27 Jul 2007

Have you upgraded to Adobe Reader 8? I've just tried cutting and pasting to Word and it worked.

  bretsky 23:17 27 Jul 2007

Try this reader click here more versatile and a lot less on space than Adobe 8, also just tried a Cut'N' Paste bit of text into my OpenOffice writer program...No problem.

bretsky ;0)

  wee eddie 23:55 27 Jul 2007

Cos that's what it's meant to do. To keep the document in one piece. Unaltered

  yogibear 08:17 28 Jul 2007

I've checked the document properties and all the settings are set to 'allow'.

Seems the way to post it is to host it on Rapidshare or similar.

  Toonarmy23179 10:06 30 Jul 2007

If you just want to recreate a section of the document in it's orinignal form you could try the following;

Get the shole section you want on screen. You must be able to see everything you need - zoom in as far as you can without losing anything off the edges. Now press the "Alt" key and the "Print Screen" key at the same time. Now go into word or another similar program and click "paste". A screenshot will be pasted in a format very similar to a picture. You can chop and resize this as you see fit, e.g. to get rid of the border, etc.

  oldbeefer2 12:31 30 Jul 2007

this one is small and easy to use as well click here

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