Cut and Paste and keep formatting intact

  Claremarianne 16:37 05 Oct 2007

My second query today. Heeeeelp - this is driving me nuts. When cutting and pasting, either between Word documents, Publisher documents, or between both, how can I make sure that the text formatting in my source document (font etc.) stays intact when I paste it into another document, rather than taking on the formatting of the document I'm pasting into? I'm sure this never used to happen to me - what have I done wrong?

  brundle 16:56 05 Oct 2007

I think you need to use Paste Special. I don't know if Publisher has that, but Word does, allows you some control over the formatting of the item you are pasting.

  Claremarianne 17:07 05 Oct 2007

Hi brundle, thanks for the advice. I seem to remember that Paste Special didn't work. But its now driving me even more nuts, because I can't reproduce the problem now, everything cuts and pastes beautifully. Will have to wait till it happens again and see under what circumstances things go wrong.

  skeletal 17:32 05 Oct 2007

I can only speak for Word, but the same may be true of publisher.

The result of cutting and pasting can seem variable, because it depends on what you cut and paste. You think you are just selecting a bit of text, but you are not, you are also collecting bits of hidden stuff that contains formatting information. It also depends on which version of Word you use; Office 2003 gives you an option, when you paste, of keeping the source format, using destination format or text only.

And it also depends on how you have set up all your styles.

(Because you are posting the question, I assume you don’t have 2003, otherwise you could just chose “keep source format”.)

The key is whether or not you pick up these control characters. It will help if you select your Pilcrow button; this looks like a backwards “P” and should be next to the zoom button. It will say “show/hide” if you hover your mouse. This will show the formatting marks like tabs and carriage returns in the document; the control codes are associated with them.

Now select a bit of text, but make sure you don’t select any nearby Pilcrow marks. Try pasting into the middle of text in the other document. It should lose the original style and take on the new.
Now try cutting a section of text, but include nearby Pilcrows. This time the original style should carry over to the new document.

I would like to prove this before posting (I am going by memory) but as I have Office 2003, it always asks what I want to do, so no matter what happens, I can always get the result I want.

Worth a try though.


  Claremarianne 19:05 05 Oct 2007

Hi skeletal,
Will give it a try. Currently too many others breathing down my neck for use of computer so will have to wait till its all peaceful and quiet, weekend coming up, bad news for me when it comes to the computer.

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