Cut hiss on voice recording

  algernonymous 20:29 27 Jul 2007

I've just started attempting to record onto PC, and am currently using a microphone to add narration to a Windows Movie Maker project, however I seem to get a lot of noise on playback. (of the vocal part)
Is there a way of reducing this?


  SANTOS7 20:31 27 Jul 2007

Wind shield, the big black thing ya see on top of mics sometimes.

click here

  algernonymous 20:37 27 Jul 2007

Isn't there a way of filtering it out?

  octal 20:40 27 Jul 2007

It depends on what sort of noise it is. If it's a hissing sound then there might not be enough mic gain to overcome the electronic noise, if it's background noise then speak closer to the mic and turn the gain down a bit, a cardioid microphone will help.

  octal 20:42 27 Jul 2007

I've just notice the title of the thread says hiss, so my first reply about increasing the mic gain would be the answer.

  algernonymous 20:50 27 Jul 2007

Is there any recommended freeware that would provide more audio control or should the windows software suffice?

  octal 20:57 27 Jul 2007

The windows software should be enough I would have thought, what type of microphone are you using?

  algernonymous 21:18 27 Jul 2007

This 'un-

click here

(cost £6)

  octal 21:35 27 Jul 2007

I think that mic should be OK. A little test, do you get any hiss when you record with the microphone unplugged? It may be a problem with the microphone.

  algernonymous 21:53 27 Jul 2007

Right. Thing is, this laptop's got a built-in mic, I found using it was difficult to get a 'loud' recording.
Just tried the Trust mic, there was a quiet but noticable buzz when I plugged it in, I then let it record silence for 10 seconds. The buzz was louder on playback.

  octal 22:27 27 Jul 2007

Now you mention a buzz, there is a difference between a buzz and a hiss, does it sound like this? click here

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