Customizing the desktop... I had no idea.

  mooly 08:30 19 May 2009

Running Vista and I had no idea of just how much the desktop could be personalised. Right click a blank spot, select personalise and "window colour and appearance" Out of choice I use windows Vista Basic theme, not aero.
By selecting "advanced" can change the fonts that the desktop icons have, the size of that text, the spacing of the icons etc etc. Not only that, those settings (fonts) carry through to the start menu and IE8. Have now set mine to Verdana size 10 in bold.

  ambra4 14:27 19 May 2009

What is the point of your posting?

Is it just to show that you know how to change the desktop?

  Woolwell 14:34 19 May 2009

It was done in a slightly different way in XP.

  wolfie3000 16:26 19 May 2009

Personalizing your desktop can be fun,
I have Windows XP and with a few other little programs you can achieve some great results.

click here

  User-1229748 16:34 19 May 2009

some of the desktops that people have posted on various sites are quite stunning :o)

  mooly 17:45 19 May 2009

Agree, there are some amazing creations when you look. I've certainly learnt something new today, and for me it's great to have been able to alter the spacing between the desktop icons.

  laurie53 19:42 19 May 2009

I've stuck with "Windows Classic" since 3.1, even with my eval copy of Windows 7.

It ain't broke, don't need to fix it!

  tullie 19:54 19 May 2009

When you think about it,its only the desktop,and how often do we sit looking at the desktop,so really no point in making it look nice is there?

  mooly 07:42 20 May 2009

More to it than just making it look nice, although of course it does that too. The text on icons is more readable. The icons now fit better in the groupings I use and with the screen resolution I use. IE8 and the Google toolbar look great with highlighted bold text in a different font in the appropriate boxes. It's all optional...

  ened 07:45 20 May 2009

I prefer not to spoil my Desktop with those nasty icons:

Roigh-click Desktop - View - untick Sho Desktop Icons.

  mooly 07:55 20 May 2009

No answer to that one. I prefer not to trawl through the start menu for applications. If I said I had 35 icons showing for different apps and progs I use would you be horrified ? All logically grouped, I can go straight to what I want instantly.

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