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  graham12 10:35 29 Jul 2007

I have just upgraded from IE6 to IE7 and after having restarted computer and loaded IE 7 I get a blue page and where the IE symbol is the message is Customize your settings. I have Yahoo set as my home page but this will only display if I press Alt+m can anyone tell me how to reset this

Thanks Graham

  rawprawn 11:08 29 Jul 2007

Have you used Tools/Internet Options/General Tab to set your home page? Make sure that Yahoo is the only one showing.

  graham12 11:48 29 Jul 2007

Yes have checked that is set correctly but when loading its the same blue page customize your settings. In IE6 your home page loaded without any problems, I tend to used Yahoo

  rawprawn 11:56 29 Jul 2007

If I think it is what your mean, there is a box on the left to tick "Don't show this again" tick it.

  graham12 12:09 29 Jul 2007

no there is no box to tick, what is happening is when you click on IE the page is loading but telling you to customize your settings i have tried everything so far that I know.

When looking at the page you have in the top left hand corner the tab for your favorities and besides that a add favorities button, next is what a box displaying your page.

To the right you have symbols that look like a house,View feeds, print etc if I select the house symbol and click you can either add or change home page which I have done. but everytime you load IE it always comes to the same page, how do you set this page.

In the bottom left the is an error on page symbol

This is not easy to explain so hope the above has helped in explaining my problem

Thanks Graham

  rawprawn 12:11 29 Jul 2007

Can you take a snapshot and post it here?

  rawprawn 12:15 29 Jul 2007
  graham12 12:26 29 Jul 2007

sorry but I don't know how to take a snapshot am alright with a game screenshot but unsure where to look after having taken a snapshot, also what size should the snapshot be.

Thanks for all your help rawprawn and time

  rawprawn 12:55 29 Jul 2007

What operating system are you using, XP?

  graham12 12:57 29 Jul 2007


  graham12 13:03 29 Jul 2007

click here this is what is also on the page

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