Customers eye view... 00:08 18 Mar 2004

After finally sorting out my forms, my first commercial site is almost ready.

Would anyone like to give me a customers eye view of the layout, ease of use etc.

All comments and criticism welcome (not like "the prices are too high"). I just need to know first impressions of the site, and any suggestion you would make to improve it. click here

There is still a mountain of stuff to go on yet. Cheers, Whiz...

  tomleady 09:58 19 Mar 2004

the home page has a scroll bar, and when you scroll down there is a massive amount of space and then at the very bottom is a visits counter.

i dont like visit counters, so i would get rid of that.

also, a personal hate of mine is bold italic text, i think it looks bulky and awkward. i think it would look better (regarding the text down the right hand side)i fyou just changed it to a smaller size font, with no italics. but thats just me being awkward.

overall though, it works very well and looks good, and most importantly, it is very easy to use. so well done!!


  IClaudio 12:19 19 Mar 2004

I could spend hours on this site!

Just a couple of design points - I'd put a link from the Banner to the Home Page (keep what you have on the Navbar too). And the Banner titles are a little inconsistent, as are the Contact us/Payment/Delivery/Pay by Cheque links, which swap order on some pages. And I think the whole links bar should be centred on the pale window beneath, that is, further to the left.

The title of the Home Page should read 'BricaBrac buys, your Online ...etc.' (i.e., Capital B, as the rest of your site and no Capital Y...). And speaking of Page titles, you have 'Clollectable Plates', whoops!

I think the popup windows are too cluttered with all the information being repeated in each window, but you may feel that the repetition is good. I found an odd thing (that I couldn't always repeat) - Closing This Window would sometimes open another window. I'm viewing the site with FireFox, so it may be some obscure Javascript problem. And, for some strange reason, I don't like the full stop in 'Close This Window.'!

I found the Photo Gallery of the Dogs a little confusing, especially as you then go on to display them all again in Popups (incidentally, the layout of these Popups is not the same as the other Popups) - and the photos of the dogs could be sharper.

On the Miscellaneous Oddments Page, I wouldn't admit to 'not having enough similar items', but would talk up the fact that you have items that can't be classified.

I think the overall colour scheme is a little drab, and I'm not a 100% convinced by the Style you've selected, but that's personal preference, really.

Finally, as I said, the site is fascinating to browse through - it would be even better to have more information about all the various items, and a bit of background on the provenance of each one. I'd never heard of Maruri figures and I'd happily stay at the site if I could learn more about these things.

I know you've only just started, and I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve like your Cockney site :)


  GroupFC 13:26 19 Mar 2004

I don't contribute often to web design but I do like your site!

Unfortunately, the thing that lets it down for me is the quality of some of the photographs. I particularly looked at the Maruri pages and the photographs were not at all clear. If I was going to buy something like this I'd really like to see what I was getting for my money!

Good Luck!

  PurplePenny 20:39 19 Mar 2004

I like both the colour scheme and the italics! They both seem to be in keeping with the theme of bricabrac.

I do agree about the hit counter - I don't care how many other people have visited your site, I only care whether your site has what I want.

Something is puzzling me - why does your "Delivery time" start "Once again...". That seems to be apropos of nothing.

Best of luck with sales,
PP 23:33 19 Mar 2004

As far as the hit counter goes, it is only a temporary measure, that's why I left such a long gap in the page to deter visitors from scrolling to it. I simply put it there to see how many hits I was missing while tweaking it online.

The typo's - I'll get on to them now.
The photo's - I know are terrible, they were taken by someone else for me to scan. This will be sorted in due course with my digital camera.

I will also try IClaudio's idea with the menu bars. Thanks again for your comments. Cheers, Whiz...

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