Custom Envelopes in Word 2007.

  TonyV 14:00 11 Mar 2011

I saw this click here and thought that without hijacking the thread, I would see if some one has the answer to my question of a similar ilk.

Win7 Home Premium 64bit. HP Photosmart all in one B210a. MS Office 2007 Word.

I have an envelope size that I have sitting in my Templates folder. When I come to print such an envelope, the paper size never shows the Custom 3.5" x 6" (9cm x 15cm) size. It always comes up with A4 paper, and makes a hash of trying to print the envelope.

How do I get the envelope size to be a part of the paper size shown in Word 2007 print drop down paper size or how do I get Word 2007 to accept that it is a Custom Size?



  Sea Urchin 14:09 11 Mar 2011

Are you setting the envelope size under Mailings/Envelopes - it sounds like you are just setting the paper size in Word

This explains

click here

  TonyV 14:50 11 Mar 2011

Thanks for that. I tried what was said, but it seems that to get a Template up as a Document and print that as is, is impossible. It has to go thru' the Mailings procedure.

What I have is the need to print an envelope every two weeks with a name, (the same name each fortnight) and a value of money, (also the same each fortnight). The obvious thing is to produce a Template with all the details on it, bring the Template up in Word, then print the thing. But, since Word/Printer cannot decide what the size of paper is in the tray, I have to go through the mailings procedure. I think logic went out the window somewhere!!

I'll keep trying and see if there is a way that I can get it done.



  Sea Urchin 15:10 11 Mar 2011

Yes, I do that each week as well - but in my experience envelopes always have to be printed via Mail & Envelopes.

I open my template - highlight the address - and it will then be showing in the envelope address automatically. You can set which envelope size you require - give it a name - and then go straight to that each time. I've never found it a problem, and have just printed an envelope in 30 seconds from start to finish.

  TonyV 15:29 11 Mar 2011

Yes, I now have a blank template with the size I want, plus a bit because it is apparently too small, and then type in thru' the Mailings system what I want, make sure the Custom Size is still selected and print the thing. It does work, but it seems a strange route to go when it can be done in Open Office the way I want!! Bring up the template and print!!

Twas ever thus!



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