morefire 16:04 13 Nov 2007

Im not sure if anyone here can help me, but any help given or directions pointed out will be much appreciated.

i need a software program that can process cash register normal functionalities and also provide custom built menus.
the software should also be linked to a database where i can add customer details and retrieve them from any part of the data saved. for example i can bring up a customer name and address from entering their post code in the search field.

i already know that visual basic is a very powerful tool to use, but it will take some time to delovelop one on my own.

if anyone can suggest if there are any pre-built software or tools that would make this development any easier the help would be much appreciated.

  silverous 16:51 13 Nov 2007

How about something like this:

click here

I haven't tried/used it but just did a search for "free point of sale" on google.

The POS interface looks fairly rudimentary but it may do:

click here

And it is open source so in theory you could customize it if it falls short.

It is more of an accounting system with a bolted-on POS interface though it seems.

I think to develop something you'd have to have pretty good developer skills, an alternative would be to buy something but I'd imagine you'd be looking at 2 to 400 pounds, something in that region. e.g.:

click here

The nice thing about those guys is you can buy the bits like chip & pin readers, barcode scanners, printers etc.

click here

Hope this helps.

  morefire 14:30 15 Nov 2007

thanks silverous. these are quite helpful. but im after something less complicated. something i can use to customise menus and create packages with fixed prices sort of like ordering a pizza from a menu.

you can choose the meal deal or single items.

and also the point of sale, total, payment and change given.

also this could be linked to a database where when you take a customer phone number you can pull their address details and any comments.

i have developers skills to develop such platform using both vb and ms access but this can be time consuming as you pointed out.

i have found a vd developers pack that makes buildiung such a platfor a little easier, but would take time to learn before the actual build itself.

if there is anything ready made or even open source that is available out there im searching and any help with that is much appreciated

  silverous 15:00 15 Nov 2007

What about turbocash link I gave above - that is open source?

You can see from the screenshot that various products are displayed obviously stored in the database - I'm not sure how that differs from what you want? I'm sure its customisable to a degree and being open source you can modify it. I'm not sure why that won't fit what you want?

You'll rarely get something cheap/free, customisable and close to what you want so it is a compromise situation.

  MAJ 15:44 15 Nov 2007

My mate did something similar with his small business. He used two computers as the tills, I did the networking, but he used MS Access for the database and the interface.The whole thing is fully customisable, it updates stock levels as products are sold and restocked, it updates customer details and accounts 'on the fly'. It also creates reports that are printed out each night at the close of business.I created a small program/batch file which automatically backs up all the main files to an external hard drive and shutsdown the computers at the end of business.

Obviously, the MS Access end of things had to be created by someone who knew Access and it didn't come cheap, but hopefully it will ive you an idea what can be done with it.

If that's the sort of thing you mean.

  morefire 16:53 22 Nov 2007

many thanks for all your help i have found what i was looking for. i beleive i will use some of the open source codes as i intend to just build something simple.

  silverous 19:37 22 Nov 2007

You've found something or you are building something? If you've found something it would be great to post what it is.

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