Cursor jumping while I type

  hawthorn59 01:57 16 Oct 2007


I've just installed a new hard drive, and have XP Pro on it. I used to have regular XP Home, but laptop wouldnt boot from the recovery disks I made, thats another story!

Anyway since the fresh installation, I notice when I type in forums or in emails (OE), the cursor randomly jumps to a different location. If your not paying attention to the screen you end up messing up your message.

Ive googled this and seen many other people who had this problem too, but no explanation.

Why would it suddenly happen after a fresh instalation? Do I need to uninstall XP Pro and somehow try to get recovery disks for my old OS to work?


  davidh50 02:17 16 Oct 2007

Frim whar I found, It could be your mouse driver.

  davidh50 02:18 16 Oct 2007


From what

  davidh50 02:30 16 Oct 2007

Is it a PC or Laptop.

  skidzy 06:48 16 Oct 2007

If a wireless mouse,check the batteries.

As David says, its possible you need an updated driver.
Was this new harddrive installed first and then the new windows loaded ? or was the drive loaded with xp pro before you placed it in the laptop ?

If the later,it may not work correctly due to driver issues.

If you have the motherboard disc,run this.
You are probably in need of several driver updates !

  hawthorn59 14:39 16 Oct 2007

Thanks for your replies.
Its a laptop. Its not a wireless mouse so no batteries. I also noticed that in many cases I read about, it happened after a fresh install.

In my case, I had a brand new hard drive installed. Then the guy (my nephew, from a pc shop!) tried to reboot from my recovery dvds, but it wouldnt. We even tried another new hard drive. Anyway I wont go into that, its another story!

So he offered to install a copy op XP Pro (dont ask, I presume its a shop copy for such emergencies...!) which he did. He then went online and downloaded and installed several drivers, and everything seems to be working ok. Except for this problem.

Now, I decided to type this in Open Office (I no longer have Works!) and I notice it hasnt happened this time. It seems to be only in forums and especially in Outlook Express.


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