Current Tiscali 8mb d/load speeds please

  second best 23:29 18 Jan 2008

helli, i'va had probs like anyone else with tiscali over the last year or two, but i still haven't switched, added to this my girl just opted for the line rental bb package. we were getting around 6-8mb b4 xmas, but recently over the last coule of days we're only getting around 500 to 1mb at best. i've called 'india' and they say all is good. i've cleaned all from my machine reset everyhting checked everyhting, even plugged the old sagem 800 adsl modem in instead of my linksys wireless router. still the same speed using their own speed test.

we;re de for the upgrade to the line rental bb package, but not until 22nd this month. however, the lady b4 hand said it was today, the 18th. one is obviously lying their a** ff.

anyway, if you have Tiscali 8mb, could you post you speed using this link. thanks.

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:33 18 Jan 2008

tiscali have a call centre in glasgow which might be of more use.


  Stuartli 23:43 18 Jan 2008

>>Current Tiscali 8mb d/load speeds please>>

How long is a piece of string?

The speeds in one area will bear absolutely no relation to those in another; the number of factors involved ensure it's not an exact science.

  MAJ 00:38 19 Jan 2008

Tiscali are suffering terrible problems, they can't seem to sort it out plus they're throttling speeds at certain ties of the day for online gamers and other users. Their 8Mbit package is a joke, with shedloads of customers getting speeds of 0.1Mbit/s (100kbit/s) some even equal to or less than dialup's 56k and that's when they can get a connection at all. Have a read at their forums if you like horror stories. click here You say you're moving to the 8Mbit service soon? May your God help you.

PS. Try to keep the text talk for the 'phone.

  second best 11:55 19 Jan 2008

Thanks for the replies guys: but no speeds incuded :D.

I actually have the 8mb line, we've had it for almost a year, but for the first 6 months of that time, we had a very poor connection; around 3-400kbps. i called them many times and eventually they took reference numbers from the speed test and decided the line needed upgrading. this must have been done sometime, i'm not sure but i was getting around 7.5mb and did at one point have the full 8mb, but i don't check every day unless i notice the drop.

I've recently bought an xbox 360, within 2 weeks, and for the first week it was fine; no lag, but now it's started, and since the noticable drop, i've checked the speeds adn noticed an average of 500kbps.

though last night i had around 2.4mbs and today 750kbpc to 1.6mb.

i'll keep trying throughout the day.

the upgrade i was talking about was for the tiscali phone line. this isn't supposed to be appening till 22nd this month. however the lady i spoke to in india said it was happening yesterday 18th, as i was caling. obviously a lie.

  second best 11:58 19 Jan 2008

jonnyrocker, what is the phone number for the call centre in glasgow.

  second best 12:01 19 Jan 2008

stuarli, i'm aware of speed variance in different areas, but i used to have the full speeds, so i'm wondering if they just rotate the bandwidth throughout the country and hope customers put up with it till the cycle starts again.

or something to that effect.

  alB 12:04 19 Jan 2008

You shoud put a thread on click here and check that you have not been FUP'd ...alB

  second best 16:32 19 Jan 2008

hi alb, what's fup'd

  alB 17:16 19 Jan 2008

Tiscali's Fair Usage Policy whereby if you are a heavy user during peak times downloading, using P2P etc. they will throttle back your connection speed... better explanation click here*&p_li=&p_topview=1 ...alB

  second best 19:41 19 Jan 2008

ah i see. well i did use a ptp for about 4 weeks recently, but i'm suffering slow speeds throughout the day, not just the peak hours. i believe it's quite simply crap service, and the'y not got the bandwidth or they've just restricted it completely till i complain. who know's these things eh?

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