Curiously fainting computer

  WhiteTruckMan 00:08 13 Aug 2007

One of my kids machines has started fainting rather suddenly. It can be in the middle of something, then foof-dead, as if someone pulled the power lead out. wait a few minutes and it will turn on again. I suspect it may be a (temperature related) problem with the psu, but the curious thing is when it faints, the power LED commences flashing at a leisurely once per second, which is something I've never heard of. If I pull the power lead it still carries on flashing for up to 20 seconds, probably as a smoothing capacitor discharges.

Anyone ever seen this before, or got any ideas before I condemn the psu?


i think often when psu's are on the way out they dont always die suddenly, you may get graphics problems etc worsening untill the inevitable happens, i would agree psu dying.

  Totally-braindead 00:24 13 Aug 2007

I agree it sounds like either overheating or a failing power supply but I've never seen the flashing light thing before.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:27 13 Aug 2007

after work. I have 2 lying around. But I know one of them doesnt work. Problem is I cant remember which one :( That'll teach me to throw things out that I know are stuffed, instead of tucking them away somewhere for reasons that I cant even explain to myself!

Knowing my luck though, it will probably be the mobo thats on its way out. Still puzzled by the flashing power led though...


  Forum Editor 00:31 13 Aug 2007

a regularly flashing power LED is normally an indication that a computer is in sleep mode.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:39 13 Aug 2007

More like comatose mode <LOL>

Still, I suppose I've been lucky in that its been over 2 years since I last had a hardware failure in any of the machines. Maybe its just been a matter of time until the dice came up 'unlucky'.


  ambra4 04:21 13 Aug 2007

PC power light flashing

The flashing light means the computer is in sleep mode.

It turns off all the hard drives, and cd-rom and floppies to save electricity.
All new power supplies and some older ones have this feature for the ATX standard.

Just go to your screen saver options and turn off your standby/sleep mode or increase it's time interval.

Once you do that it should be fine. Someone must have changed the interval to a very short period of time for this to happen.

If you computer is in sleep mode, just press your mouse or keyboard and log back in.

It should take about a minute for your computer to awaken (just like a fresh boot).

  WhiteTruckMan 08:34 13 Aug 2007

Thanks, but none of the above. I've left it on all night and its been fine. If I give it something to do then it falls over within a few minutes. ( I dont have a screen saver set, everything is permanantly on like hard drives and screen etc and hibernate is off as a matter of course because I dont trust a sucessfull wake up. But just to be sure they were the first things I went to check when the problem arose. Plus, it would not 'wake up', hence my comment about comatose mode.

But again, thanks



  wee eddie 11:10 13 Aug 2007

had been fiddling with his Energy Saving Options.

Unfortunately he set the Hard Drive to Power-Down if it had been idle for just 1 minute!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:34 13 Aug 2007

but it seems like the psu fan isnt spinning as fast as it really should. I'm not going off noise, but rather the actual airflow when I put my hand over the vent. I think that before I condemn it I will see if I can open it up and somehow service the fan / bearings.

Might even be able to replace the fan. We'll see...

In the meantime I have unplugged all the other hdd's in an effort to reduce the load on the psu untill I can find time to look at it, probably at weekend at this rate. so far so good.


  Bagsey 08:13 14 Aug 2007

Please keeep us posted on this as I have the same problem.

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