A Curious Effect of Cont-Alt-Del

  griffon 56 17:23 28 Aug 2006

This is not a fault query but I'd like to know if anyone can explain it. I'd just shut down the Win98SE computer by clicking 'Shut down' in the normal dialogue box, when I remembered I needed to do something else. The monitor screen went black, and it usually stays this way for the next several minutes before the computer actually switches off, so I entered Cont-Alt-Del on the keyboard hoping to see a restart, and again a second time when it was apparent nothing was happening.

Nothing did happen for a little while and then it restarted OK.

The next time I shut down in the usual way the shut down had speeded up. After a few seconds, less than 10, the previously sluggish box had shut itself down. At the next start I expected to get the naughty, naughty scandisk warning but I didn't, and the computer has been shutting down quickly ever since. Any explanation?

  Stuartli 17:27 28 Aug 2006

You will have prevented Windows from shutting down properly in the first instance and the system has eventually recovered.

  griffon 56 17:38 28 Aug 2006

Thanks for that Stuartli, but it isn't just the once it was qucker shutting down, it is quicker all the time now, radically so.

  griffon 56 17:42 28 Aug 2006

I probably didn't stress it enough in the first place, but the computer always used to take at least 5 or so minutes to shut down after clicking 'Shut down'. It would go past the Win98 splash screen to the black display and then hang for ages. Now it's like lightning. What could have happened?

  Stuartli 19:11 28 Aug 2006

Windows 98SE did have a shutdown problem and there was an MS patch for it. See:

click here

By the way, have you installed the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack?

It represents all the updates etc released for 98Se until the end of last year. See:

click here

  griffon 56 12:58 29 Aug 2006

Thanks Stuartli, I have installed 2.1a, I think it was on your recommendation to someone else as a matter of fact, I wondered where I got the idea from and it's now dropped into place. I also keep the machine very clean with frequent defrags and continual use of Firefox's personal data clearout and CCleaner.

I was only curious, I'm not knocking it, it makes a welcome change from all the previous tedious waiting. By the way, it still did a very slow shutdown even after 2.1a was installed so it wasn't the patch which speeded things up. I'll go on not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks for your interest.

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