The curious case of an XP install - help pls

  csqwared 19:17 15 Sep 2010

I have a rather curious problem with an XP install I'm trying to carry out. Everything runs fine until the screen for Regional and keyboard settings - at this stage the child windows appear behind the parent ones rather than the other way round and the title bar of the child flashes a couple of times. After bringing the required window to the front I can make the required entries except it will not allow certain keys - 'L' being one of them. If I allow the install to continue everything goes fine and the OS installs completely. However I find that certain keys always act as 'hot keys' ran than function correctly.e.g. If I try and type into Notepad pressing 'D' has the effect of closing the open window, pressing 'D' again restores it. The letter 'U' results in a window opening for 'Accessibility' options.
The system is a self build and was functioning quite normally, dual booting with Linux but I'm sure you inveterate tinkerers out there will understand when I say I decided to start from scratch.
I've tried two different XP (retail) discs, one Home the other Pro thinking there might be a CD issue but get the same result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  mgmcc 20:33 15 Sep 2010

The symptoms you describe suggest that pressing "D" is behaving as "Windows key + D" which will take you to the desktop; pressing "L" acts as "Windows key + L" which opens Accessibility options. The question therefore is - has one of the Windows keys got stuck? Can you try a different keyboard?

  csqwared 20:42 15 Sep 2010


The keyboard I'm using is linked through a KVM switch to my other computer - this one, and the keyboard functions perfectly. The thing that puzzles me is the keyboard malfunction *during* install and the peculiar behaviour of the windows.


  csqwared 20:44 15 Sep 2010

Hold on a minute though - I'm using Linux with this machine which doesn't recognise 'Windows' keys. This machine also dual boots so I'll give Windows a try. Thanks.

  csqwared 20:55 15 Sep 2010

What a truly wonderful person you are, was it John Cleese said about "missing the bleeding obvious". I've only been pratting about for three nights swopping hard drives, cables, discs etc. Thank you very, very, much.

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