Curious about BB speed checkers

  jack 10:38 09 May 2008

and he the discrepancy between them

Having uprated my connect from 2mbps to
'up-to 8mbps [5.4 as declared by the ISP and the dsl modem diagnostics- the PCA BB checker read
2.48 download and .83 upload

Why the difference?

  birdface 10:47 09 May 2008

click here Hi this is the one that the Virgin engineer used when checking mine a fortnight ago.Maybe let us know who your ISP is and someone may be able to give you some further help.

  jack 13:56 09 May 2008

Gives 470 kbps
Diagnostics gives 5344 kbps [thats what it read perhaps a decimal need to go in]

ISP ukonline- best rated for speed and contention ratio- 20.1 by all accounts

  spuds 14:04 09 May 2008

I raised a similar question regarding b/b speeds a couple of weeks ago.

In the main, I would perhaps suspect that the ISP's are selling the service on higher speeds, hence the usual 'upto' disclaimers. Oftel have had discussions about this, and in the very near future, a more realistic figure will have to be provided in adverts and sales literature.

On a regular basis, I use a number of various speed-test checkers, so as to see if they are in agreement with each other. Usually they are about the same, but on odd occasions you get the very strange reading, but then again various speed test do warn you about accuracy.

One site that I find very reliable and informative click here My ISP uses this site click here

Going a little further, I am having various problems with my ISP. One particular problem is the low speeds and frequent disconnections. My near neighbour using the same ISP,via same exchange and cable length can achieve far better results. An example the other day, I was obtaining 2.3Mb and disconnections, they were getting 5.8Mb and no disconnections. The ISP is still working on the problem!.

  birdface 14:05 09 May 2008

Mine shows 1965 kbps that is just short of the 2mb that I am supposed to get.So if yours is showing 470 kbps it looks as though you have something wrong.

  jack 14:10 09 May 2008

achieved does tie in with the loading on your particular bandwidth[circuit] of course[The number of users on at any one time] so it can fluctuate
This is called the Contention ratio I understand.

Of more interest here is my other post
click here

  birdface 14:11 09 May 2008

Maybe if you both try right clicking local area connection and press repair and see if there is a DNS problem.

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