Curiosity killed the cat....

  Stuartli 13:39 03 Nov 2004

Anyone have any knowledge of a company called Low-Cost (not the former supermarket chain) at:

click here ?

It keep sending e-mails regarding a £4.95 one-off payment for 200+ Sky channels offer:

click here

Information about the company, genuine or otherwise, is at:

click here

I'm not that bothered about 200+ Sky channels as I have both a Pioneer Freeview set top box and its equivalent PC TV card, but am curious as to how this offer is being made as Sky plans a £150 one-off payment for such a service.

Perhaps someone in the Nottinghamshire area may know something?

  Chris..b 13:50 03 Nov 2004

The words CON comes to mind

  Stuartli 14:06 03 Nov 2004

That's what I obviously thought, but the website contains an astonishing range of products.....

  Sparrowhawk 14:11 03 Nov 2004

2 WORDS for this site - after a quick look - would be:


  961 14:12 03 Nov 2004

If you type "manufacturing 99" uk into google you'll get onto a site called British Companies serious complaints which may or may not be relevant

However, regardless of the above

"If it seems too good to be ............"

sure you know the rest

  961 14:14 03 Nov 2004

... you get what..........

  Stuartli 14:21 03 Nov 2004

I've been going through the website further and, in the watches section, there's a selection of Claude Valentini models at, supposedly, a fraction of their true cost.

Now I was watching Watchdog the other day and, lo and behold, there was an item about watch salesmen on motorway car parks offering this and similar brand names for £40-£50......

These watch "salesmen" have been around for a long time - I remember them operating at Keele and other service stations in the early 1990s onwards - so perhaps there's a link?

  Stuartli 14:32 03 Nov 2004

One possibility offered, via the youngest child, is that it may be a linear matrix, a form of pyramid scheme.

  961 14:36 03 Nov 2004

I've recently typed "Rolex" into the filter section of my Mailwasher programme to stop the numerous e-mails I get each week

You and I both know that "hard earned" cash (on what basis is it assumed that all cash is hard earned?) can disappear down the pan with no effort if we assume that all bargains on the internet are what they pretend to be

And remember, once you launch those credit card numbers into the wide blue yonder, you never know who will latch on to them

  Graham ® 14:40 03 Nov 2004

It was a black BMW that nearly killed mine.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:44 03 Nov 2004

I fail to see why people are getting all defensive and paranoid. Most of the products (especially the radio controlled items) are at a similar price to other websites/shops.The watches do have a RECOMMENDED price of £400 but their true value is less than £40 and if they can get £70 good to them, they are running a business to make profits not a hobby.

Overall the items are not that much cheaper than anywhere else, so if you want it, buy it. The site is Thawte protected for CC payments and on the positive side delivery is usually free.


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