Cup of tea and a laptop

  ronec 10:49 17 Sep 2011

My daughter has filled her Toshiba laptop with a cup of sweet tea. I presume it will have done some irrepairable damage. Will it be possible to extract all her photos from the hard drive somehow. She has a lot of her children and some work photos.

  gengiscant 10:57 17 Sep 2011

It is certainly not irrepairable, if she had removed the battery and stood the laptop on its side it may well have been fine.There are some suggestions of running the laptop under a tap to remove the /sugar/milk but I could not possible suggest that.

As for the photos, the hard-drive should be fine. Remove it and either install it in a caddy or get something like this Adapter and connect either to another PC

  Microdot 11:01 17 Sep 2011
  1. Remove Battery
  2. Remove Hard drive
  3. Remove Memory

These are easy and from rear of laptop

Shake the rest of the laptop and then place in airing cupboard or gently fan with hair drier etc. wait for several days !!

you then can put it all back together or try the hard drive in an external bridge and try to read the drive

Good Luck de Art.

  ronec 11:02 17 Sep 2011

hi gengiscant. thanks for the help. if the laptop does not fire up when dried out, I now know it can be sorted. Shame really as the computer is only a year old.

  ronec 11:04 17 Sep 2011

Thanks microdot, I will get her to bring it round to my house then I can sort it.

  compumac 11:12 17 Sep 2011

House insurance cover it???

  onthelimit1 11:18 17 Sep 2011

Did it really fill the whole lappy, or just the keyboard? If the latter, it's a 5 min job to change on many makes and usually costs around a tenner to buy.

  ronec 12:24 17 Sep 2011

I will get her to check the insurance, but the main thing was to be able to retrieve the photos of the kids and work. I back everything up to an external drive, but telling other people to that is another thing, specially when it is just something else to do as well as school lunches to make, house to clean etc etc. I do not know how much she poured into the computer yet, but will find out when she brings it round later. Thank you everyone for your advice.

  Careful 17:46 18 Sep 2011

My daughter did the same thing to her fairly new and rather expensive laptop about 4 months ago, but just mopped up the keyboard with a kitchen towel and then left it switched on! Guessing I wouldn't be best pleased, she only told me 24 hrs later, when it was too late to do much.

She thought leaving it switched on would "help to dry it"

Needless to say it died a horrible death. If she had taken the appropriate action described by Microdot above then it might have survived. So the lesson is to make sure other members of your family know what to do if this happens.

  Forum Editor 17:53 18 Sep 2011

Follow the advice offered by Microdot

and make sure that you wait for at least three days before attempting to start the machine again. The real enemy in the mix is the sugar in the tea; this will dry leaving sugary traces that can cause a problem.

There's only one way to find out, and that's to try. Don't be too optimistic, but don't lose all hope - I once tipped half a pint of Coca Cola into a brand new laptop and we went on to enjoy a long and happy life together.

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