cube 247

  tillerman 7 22:03 08 Jul 2007

They say check up before you buy , i did but that did not prevent my new pc crashing on second day and three times since

  Starfox 22:05 08 Jul 2007

Could you give a little more information please, we might be able to help.


  Totally-braindead 22:07 08 Jul 2007

Your point is?

Have you tried contacting them?

Have they repaired it?

Any company regardless of who they are will have problems and computers will fail. Its inevitable as they are not like tellys ot VCRs but even they fail. I bought a DVD recorder last year, plugged it into the telly and it didn't work. So does that mean that all that particular make of DVD recorders are bad? Of course not.

I'm sorry you have had problems but contact them and give them a chance to fix it. Or tell us whats wrong and perhaps someone here will know.

  tillerman 7 11:54 09 Jul 2007

Please let me clarify

comp has been returned 3 times at a cost of £75 per trip, parts replaced to date

2 motherboards,2 power units,1 hard drive

Cube try to help but they appear not able to supply a reliable machine
longest time unit worked 4/5 days
Independent engineers have checked unit,not a glowing report

  dragonmist 14:32 09 Jul 2007

I bought 2 PC's from Cube 247 through Ideal World in Nov 2006. I paid extra for PC#1 to have an enhanced graphics card. This was for my live in grandson for Xmas. I duly tried to set it up a few days before Xmas. They hadn't supplied the adapter to wire into the graphics card. They sent one out, but it only went for 24 hours. I tried reinstalling, but the motherboard installation disk was the wrong one. They sent the correct disc. It broke down again and refused to boot even with the XP disk. They collected it. 2 weeks later I phoned asking where it was. They had lost it. They found it some time later and returned it lovingly packed upside down in it's box. It seemed OK. They had to do a total rebuild.
Meanwhile I had taken a bad fall and broke a finger and some bones in my hand and dislocated my elbow. I couldn't assemble the new desk or set up PC#2. It was early April before I was out of plaster, built the desk and set PC#2 up. Whoopee, it booted up. It was getting late so I switched off.
Next morning, tried to boot up to transfer my Data from the old PC, and all I got was a splash screen with a few letters and a closing bracket. Cube's Tech guy said to remove the RAM and put it back. No joy. He said send the PC back.
Later my grandson came down and said his PC wasn't booting up. Same splash screen and letters. Obviously the same faulty component in both. I phoned Cube up again. They wouldn't collect them and I can't afford the couriers fee on my pension. Cube said try Ideal World, who said they would collect. They didn't.When I phoned back the day after they should have collected them, they said they weren't going to. After that I always got the foreign call centre who have not heard of the Sale of Goods Act. I am a widowed pensioner. I have 2 PC's that don't work, and will have to take them to Court to get at least some money back. I can't afford to lose all that money. No-one at Ideal World or Cube 247 will take responsibility for the two defective PC's. Advice? Avoid Ideal World and Cube 247 like the plague.

  tillerman 7 20:44 09 Jul 2007

Have you received any news from cube or the legal side

  dragonmist 00:42 10 Jul 2007

Hi Tillerman. I was just told by Ideal World that I was responsible for returning the 2 PC's to Cube. They deny any responsibility for the defective goods. As far as I was concerned I bought it from Ideal World, on my IW account, so under the Sale of Goods Act they are responsible.
They say they only cover the first 30 days, which is not what the DTI letter informed them. I am told I will have to go to Court to get my money back. I was advised to write to the Managing Director re:- the case. I was a customer of Ideal World from the first day they went on TV, and have never had a problem with anything before. It was only when they sent moved the call centre to India that I had problems. They have never heard of the Sale of Goods Act, and have just cut me off when I ask for someone in authority. I am stuck with my old PC, which is a bit underpowered for what I need, and have to share it with my grandson.

  Starfox 01:50 10 Jul 2007

What a disgusting way to treat a customer, I sympathise with you. How did you pay for these computers, was it credit card by any chance?

  saleda 17:13 11 Oct 2007

Got problems with my computor after about
2 days.Under cube's supervision I opened the machine.Was told to disconnect and then reconnect various wires.Nothing worked till I
removed the 4 memory sticks and replaced only 1.
The machine worked.
After the machine failed with 2 sticks I removed
the 2nd stick.Was surprised that the machine
still failed to work.The machine was sent back.
Having not heard anything for a week got in touch
with them.Was told that the machine had been left
on for testing the previous night but there had been a slight problem.
They readilly agreed to send me a replacement.
This computor failed within 24 hours.
Again on contacting cube we went through the same
process with the wires.On checking the memory
sticks I noticed that only 2 of 4 were connected
The computor would occasionally start with
1 or 2 sticks but not every time.
I told cube that I would keep trying with the
memory sticks.
Eventually got the machine to work with all 4
memory sticks installed.
The machine worked for about 2 weeks then failed
On calling cube,it soon became clear that they
wanted to blame me for the fault.
They even claimed that there was no fault with
the first computor.
What a fantastic company---Send them a computor
for repair--they find no fault in it---yet
they still send you a new one.

Following legal advise my first step is to claiming a refund
from the Credit Card company.

  saleda 17:55 11 Oct 2007

When I first placed the order,I only pressed
the buy/submit/order button once.
Didn't think to much of it when I received
3 identical e-mails with the order details.

After a week ONE computor arrived.

About two weeks later my credit card statement
arrived showing three payments to Cube.

They explained why it had happened and refunded
two of the payments.

They were aware of the problem but had done
nothing to correct it.

They seemed to have a safeguard in place to
prevent them sending a computor for each payment.

No such safeguard seems to be in place to
refund the extra payments as quickly as possible.

Guess I was lucky that I checked my CC statement.

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