ctx monitor pl7

  adrian-204905 11:45 26 Mar 2004

im just got this monitor but its not working proper colours all washed out im running on (m e)keep get message needs to be running on 256 but iv iplied but keeps going back to 16 colour how do i sort this please

  hugh-265156 11:54 26 Mar 2004

do you mean 16 or 16 bit?

some old programs require 256 colours to run properly.

are your graphics card drivers installed?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:54 26 Mar 2004

Think you need to update the graffix drivers for your card.


  The BB 11:58 26 Mar 2004

Hope this works on ME...
On a clear bit of your desktop right click and select propoerties from the menu that appears, or choose Display from control panel.

Select the Settings tab and Advanced
On Monitor select your refresh rate (try around 75 to start, too high a refresh could damage your monitor if it does not support it, too low does your head in)
If it works accept it and then on the settings tab set up screen area of 1024 and colour depth desired.

The options are constrained by your video card not he monitor, so if options aren't available its the video cards shortfall.

If the monitor is new to you see if there is a degauss button and have a play with the settings for best performance.

  adrian-204905 12:04 26 Mar 2004

it keeps going to 16 if its grafics card how do i find out the make and were will i get drivers

  hugh-265156 12:09 26 Mar 2004

download aida32(any version) click here

install it and run.

click "computer/summary"

scroll down on the right page and look at "display/video adapter" for info on make and model.if its onboard graphics then it may be listed under "motherboard/chipset"

hover your cursor over the highlighted name and you should get a link to driver updates.

if not post the info here and will have a look for you.

  deadneat 12:11 26 Mar 2004

Wot Windoze are u running? You need to look in device manager. Try running windoze update. It may have new graphic drivers for you.

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