ctrl/alt/delete on XP

  bob308w 11:46 25 Nov 2005

As this does not function on XP as it does on 98, is there an equvalent to free a frozen screen? Or is there an easier way?

  driving man 12:11 25 Nov 2005

Bob that combination works for me on my laptop xp and desktop xp just as it does on my old win 95. which delete are you pressing though. It should be the one under the insert key. hope this helps or am I missing the point?

  bob308w 12:20 25 Nov 2005

Ok, thanks, will try that key next time that it freezes.(probably very shortly)

  southside bhoy 12:22 25 Nov 2005

in what way dose it not function on xp

  sinbad1 12:24 25 Nov 2005

two ways to get the taskmanager.

crl/alt/ delete

right click on taskbar and select task manager

if a running program freezes then simply end task

you will also find lots of other info not found on 98.

you can shut down or restart from here too.


  bob308w 12:35 25 Nov 2005

It just did it again.When the screen freezes, I have no mouse function so cannot right click or anything else. Nothing on the keyboard functions, I have to shut down and restart.Computer is new, this happens every half hour or so, frustrating or wot?

  ACOLYTE 12:42 25 Nov 2005

Seems like a driver conflict,is there anything in the event viewer that would tell you what it causing it?.

  southside bhoy 12:47 25 Nov 2005

had this before was caused by cpu fan not being pluged in causing cpu to overheat and system would freeze.

  mgmcc 12:47 25 Nov 2005

As the computer is new, and it is freezing on a regular basis, I suggest you have it checked/repaired/replaced by the supplier. It could be a hardware fault, such as a defective stick of RAM.

  bob308w 12:48 25 Nov 2005

I've just had a look there, but not being an expert it means nothing to me! what should I be looking for?.

  bob308w 12:57 25 Nov 2005

Just found that ctrl/alt/dl does work to access task manager, but not when things freeze.

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