Ctrl+Alt+Del does not bring up task manager?

  Winxx 17:56 26 Dec 2006

Don't know why this is, im on a new laptop and this is the first time i have tried to bring it up, how else could i bring it up?

  Winxx 18:04 26 Dec 2006

ok ive had so many problems with this laptop now, i decided to do a system restore to yesturday when everything was running ok.

so i click help and support and i get a download box appear that sais Context.htm

Open, save or cancel, and neither of them do anything, i cant get to the system restore menu, is there another way to system restore without going into help and support...?

  STREETWORK 18:09 26 Dec 2006

Have you set your keyboard to UK rather than US?...

  Probabilitydrive 18:10 26 Dec 2006

Click an > start >All programs > Accessories > System tools > system restore

  Winxx 18:13 26 Dec 2006

yeh i got a box appear, just stays white, but
the bit at the top sais system restore, does'nt look like it loading.

can i just say the amount of problems ive had, i can'nt get n norton to to do a full system scan, or even see status, its like when i click anything nothing loads anymore... firefox is about the only thing that is working...!!!!

  Probabilitydrive 18:27 26 Dec 2006

ok, the next step is to try system restore from 'safe mode'.

Carry out the following:
a few secs after start up press > F8, use the arrow keys to scroll up to 'safe mode' > enter.

you'll see a rudimentary windows interface. Thats ok. use then the same steps as above to access system restore. Windows is only loading essential drivers and you should be able to access system restore this way.

  birdface 18:29 26 Dec 2006

Have you tried right clicking bottom toolbar ,And selecting Task Manager.

  Winxx 19:20 26 Dec 2006

yeh task manager worked, but why isit that IE still does not work.

can someone get me a link to windows media 9 please, i cant find one and ive upgraded to 11, and i prefer the other one.

  postie24 20:03 26 Dec 2006

Version 9 is no longer available for xp,only 10 or 11


  ~PC Catastrophe~ 20:09 26 Dec 2006

click here version 9 for xp is listed in there.

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