mammak 22:18 30 Oct 2006

every time I click on a "click here" on this site I have to do the above cpu is way up to 80% what is going on? laptop acer aspire 3000IL MI 512 RAM 80 GB HHD, Xp Home sp2, av avast, zone alarm,spybot, adwware, spyware blaster all updated ??

  mammak 22:22 30 Oct 2006

sorry that should be ctrl>alt>del

  woodchip 22:22 30 Oct 2006

Look to see what is using most memory, That may give you an idea

  woodchip 22:23 30 Oct 2006

PS you are sure it's not 80% free

  Pamy 22:24 30 Oct 2006

mammak, why do you have to do the above? What happens?

  mammak 22:30 30 Oct 2006

it just freezes and what ever app I click on it is that what is using the cpu usage it is ok before I try and do a click here?

  skidzy 22:30 30 Oct 2006

Hi Ma....:-)))

As per woodchip,you are sure you are not looking at the system idle process ?

  mammak 22:31 30 Oct 2006

no woodchip it is using the psu it is not free

  skidzy 22:31 30 Oct 2006

Sorry Mammak cross posting

  mammak 22:36 30 Oct 2006

no probs thanks for all your input going to bed need my sleep will get back 2morrow thanks again 2 you all for the input.

  woodchip 22:38 30 Oct 2006

As above when you use C+A+Del look what Memory is been used Mb not Kb By what program

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