'C\systems\windows 32 .........'

  dublincity 03:34 09 Jul 2005

My recently-installed Home Network had been working properly for a week or so then the 'client' PC, although connecting to the internet as it should do, wouldn't allow anything to access the internet. I clicked on 'Tools' in the browser, then on 'Internet Options' and got a message that said, 'This is not available with the existing configuration. Consult the Administrator.'

However, I repeated the clicking and the 'Internet Options' box then appeared - but that made no difference to the failure to gain access to the internet.

As far as I know, I hadn't altered any LAN, browser or firewall etc. settings.

I was re-booting when I had a Spybot box warning that a change had been made to 'C\systems\windows 32 .........' (or something similar). Usually, there'd be an option to allow or cancel the change - but the PC then shut down.

I think I've got the connection & access working again by using System Restore and going back several days to when it was ok. I'm still curious about what caused the problem in the first place.

Does anybody know what 'C\systems\windows 32 .........' could mean? I've googled it and it seems that it can be related to worms and trojans. The PC must be fairly clean because I'd run all the anti-spy progs (AVG, M'soft Beta, Counterspy, AdAware, Spybot etc.) earlier in the day and hadn't been back online.

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