css for tables

  tomleady 14:20 29 Mar 2004

Hi, i'm having a bit of trouble using css on tables.

go to:click here

as you can see, the main border is a dotted line.

Ideally i would have each cell the same as the main border (not neccesarily dotted, but whatver border), do i have to add in the code for each td> tag? ( td class="table">)

is there anyway of avoiding this and setting it all in css so that every cell is the same?

Cheers, Tom

  tomleady 14:59 29 Mar 2004

i'll try explaining a bit better.

I use Dreamweaver MX2004. now if i make i table and x amount of rows and columns, and choose border=1 and choose a border colour, every single line is that colour.

now if i do in css: border: 1px #000000 solid;
it just puts a border around the table itself.

see what i mean?


  Taran 16:11 29 Mar 2004

Your style sheet is applying the border to the table in general when you reference it. You need to create elements that can be used for the table and/or its cells where you control what happens on the top, bottm, left and right hand border of whatever part of the table you want to control.

A couple of links to get you going:

click here

click here

  tomleady 16:15 29 Mar 2004

cheers for those links Taran, i'll check them out and mess around.


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