CSS Print Error - One Page Only

  rolmes 11:11 08 Jun 2007

Hello once again...

...I have searched high and low but have been unable to find a solution to this. Perhaps someone can help.

I have created a Print Style Sheet for a XHTML page containing a Form and when viewed in Opera (File > Print Preview) the page is spread over 3 pages, it is formatted correctly, and all info is present - fine. But when I go to File > Print Preview in other browsers (IE, Netscape, FF, etc.) the web page does not extend past the first page, and so, only one third of the content is visible. And this is still the case when I print the page. Why aren't these browsers displaying the XHTML code in the way specified in the Print Style Sheet? Does the presence of the Form have anything to do with this error?

Thanks in advance.


  rolmes 15:24 08 Jun 2007

just had a look around the web and managed to find the answer...

...the main content of the page is surrounded by a Div tag, which has the position property set to absolute, and this was causing the problem. This has been changed (in print style sheet) to static, and now the page prints and views in print preview fine.

  romie81 19:19 21 Nov 2007

I had this same problem, and it turns out that it was being caused by the following CSS declaration:

body { Overflow:auto; }

Don't ask what possessed me to put that in in the first place, but taking it out fixed the problem.

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