CSS or tables

  Madpad_001 14:30 29 Mar 2005

I am still new to web building, so I am still unsure on a lot of things.

like CSS and tables, I am happy with how each of them work but I am just wondering which is better to use?

My site uses alot of text and pictures some times on the same page, at the min I am using tables, in some places tables within tables, so I am thinking that css mightbe A better choice.

But I am unsure which is better to use so any help or advise will be of great help.

thanks in advance madpad

  genuinefake 15:25 29 Mar 2005

css all the way

  Michendi 20:19 29 Mar 2005

(My comments below assume that your question refers to using CSS as a layout tool i.e. using the <div> tag. CSS obviously has many other uses - layout just being one use).

Both CSS and Tables are appropriate tools for controlling page layout.

As a general "rule-of-thumb" CSS, when used as a layout tool, is most appropriately used for creating the underlying structure of the page. This is much easier to accomplish and fine-tune with CSS that it is with Tables.

Once you have your page structure set up, it is then often more appropriate to use a simple Table to control some specific layout item within a <div> tag. I specifically say simple Table because personally I never use Tables within Tables to create layout.

To summarise - use CSS <div> tags for your page structure and then, if necessary, use a simple Table for minor layout control within a <div> tag.

Hope that helps.

  Madpad_001 20:34 29 Mar 2005

Firstly thanks to you all for your help. Are there any sites that teach more about CSS? I have been on the W3 site, but wound like more info if possible.

Once again thanks.

  PurplePenny 21:58 29 Mar 2005

W3Schools is a great place to start: click here

Did you see te W3C tutorial? It is quite basic so it may not be suitable if you already know about CSS: click here

To see how much CSS can do take a look at Eric Meyer's css/edge (N.B. It doesn't work in IE!): click here

  Paranoid Android 09:00 30 Mar 2005

Try the MSDN library :

click here


  Paranoid Android 09:01 30 Mar 2005

Try the MSDN library :

click here


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