CS Host Message

  Severn Bore 19:09 02 Apr 2005

A message box entitled as above has appeared on my PC. It quotes an error number, then says "Automation Server cannot create an object message - automation server cannot create object"
Can anyone please advise on the significance of this? Thanks in anticipation.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:34 02 Apr 2005

What operating system?

Waht applications?

When does it appear? At startup, after a while, or when?

Does it come in safe-mode? (Press F8 at boot).

  VoG II 21:52 02 Apr 2005

This is possiblt Comet Systems (spyware). Try Ad-aware click here Spybot click here and AntiSpyware click here

  Severn Bore 16:42 03 Apr 2005

Thanks Diodorus and VoG,
The message has now stopped appearing following a System Restore. I suspect an upgrade to Norton has started the problem as despite spending £40 on the upgrade it has failed to download and work properly. I am now in the vicious circle that others have reported in the past - cannot remove it and cannot repair! Am still working on this, but appreciate your past advice and will also look at the Spyware / Adware links suggested.
Much appreciated.
Severn Bore

  VoG II 16:53 03 Apr 2005

Some tools for removing Norton when Add/Remove won't work click here

  Severn Bore 21:22 03 Apr 2005

Thanks for the Norton removal link. Will give it a go when I am feeling fresh tomorrow!
Severn Bore

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