Crysis , Bioshock dx10

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 08:17 08 Oct 2008

How do I get Bioshock , Crysis to work in DX 10
both games wont start stay at desktop
I have Vista 64bit
4 gig of ram
Q66000 cpu stock speed
Creatvive sound card Gamer
Antec 1200 case

Works fine in DX 9

Thank you 08:25 08 Oct 2008

and the graphics card is? 08:29 08 Oct 2008

gtx 260, got it from your other thread. wgat happens if you load games on default then change to dx10 in settings? 08:37 08 Oct 2008

if your drivers are up to date, im pretty sure dx 10 is grey until you patch on bioshock, patch both games click here

Thank you for repl mate.

Re Crysis is fully patched in DX 10 ( selected from right click menu etc choose dx10 . It starts to load abit then screen well do a flash (desktop) then nothing. ok Dx9 works fine.

Bioshock fully patched starts to load then screen goes black then nothing then goes back to desktop.

I for got to type GTX 260 in this thread so thank you for checking that was good of you. .

I am using an Asus GTX 260 card for got to type that. 09:35 08 Oct 2008

are you all clear in dx diag?
1. Click Start, select Run or Search(vista)
2. Type dxdiag
3. On the lower right you'll see a button "Save all information" - click it
4. Save the dxdiag.txt to your desktop
5. Attach it to your post
and which drivers are you using, problems using dx10 are usually settings related try the games own forums known issues stickies. (am working so cant check for you! sorry) click here

click here
if there isnt register and post your thread.

How do you post a diag file on it ive saved it?

Cant see how to any were 10:53 08 Oct 2008

sorry copied and pasted it's huge! does it show anything in the problem area's of the 5 sections, does the main page show dx 10 and all components correctly?

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