crypter.c trojan horse downloader

  real bully 21:11 27 May 2004

I have aquired the above virus inspite of using
AVG free down load and cannot get rid of it. Can
anyone give me a step by step idiots guide to getting rid of it. It has attached itself to
a temp file
AVG keeps warning that it is present but running AVG will not get rid.
Any suggestions ??


  Cuddles 22:09 27 May 2004
  Gaz1234 22:37 27 May 2004

I had it - AVG said it couldn't delete it - but when I went to the file and pressed delete - it went - magic !!!

  WaTcHiNg 00:29 28 May 2004

I have a few people who use AVG free and they've had problems with AVG not deleting files of this type. When I wrote to Grisoft they said that the feature was in the full version but not in the free version.

Have now convinced them to ditch AVG and use McAfee and all works a dream. Almost every user said that their PC found loads of viruses after installing McAfee even thuogh AVG had been installed for months.

I guess there is such a thing as a free lunch - you just may still be hungry afterwards.

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