Cruzer Vault system.

  Furkin 12:51 12 Feb 2012

Hi all, My Son has sent me a Sandisk Cruzer USB Drive for the safety aspect. How do we set it up to keep files secret ?

I have an old Cruzer drive aswell, can we use that in the same way ?

  northumbria61 11:36 13 Feb 2012

When you plug the SanDisk into the computer, go to "My Computer" and you should see the SanDisk there along with the drives. It'll say how much room is left on it, if it is a 16gb flash, it may say something like 15gb free. The software to encrypt is probably on the 1gb that is used already assuming you haven't formatted it (in which case you will have deleted the security software)

It should automatically load the software unless you have autoplay disabled. Or if your security is disabling and auto execute files from the SanDisk.

Remove it from the computer, go to the control panel and there should be an option labeled "AutoPlay". Click on that and enable or make sure it is able to use autoplay. Then plug the flash drive back into the computer.

When it comes up to show files, etc. see if there is an option to run and .exe file. If there is then that is your software. If not, then you may have to download from the Sandisk website - it is a file called Cruzer Lock.

  northumbria61 11:42 13 Feb 2012

There is a guide here enter link description here

  northumbria61 11:47 13 Feb 2012

An alternative is to use something like TrueCrypt but I can't advise on either as I have never used encryption on anything (personal choice) enter link description here

  Furkin 11:57 13 Feb 2012

Cheers N61, Whilst I look at the links etc, do you know if I can copy the software from one Cruzer to another Cruzer ? The new one is 32gb, but I also have a 16gb one.

  Furkin 12:07 13 Feb 2012

To answer my own question, it looks like all Sandisk (possibly all USB ?!) can use the method.

  robin_x 13:27 13 Feb 2012

Windows doesn't like partitioned USB Flash.

Something to do with the Removable Media Bit.

Special USB Flash (such as Cruzer) work around it, possibly by a hardware setting on the chip.

If you get any problems copying the old partition to the other one, Linux doesnt care.

gparted Boot CD will do it

  Furkin 14:48 19 Feb 2012

Thanks N61 & RoL:

My older 16gb Cruzer blade will accept the Vault files from the new 32gb one. No other make of drive will allow it though.

Have them both working now.

all the best

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