crucial scan

  oldnovice 19:28 10 Sep 2009

hi when i run the crucial scan to check my ram it opens word sysprofile im totaly cofused can anyone help i tried it 3 times same every time 2 differant browsers

  GaT7 19:47 10 Sep 2009

Looks like there's no support on their forum if the scanner doesn't work, e.g. click here.

Why don't you use the manual tool. If you don't know details of your motherboard, download SIW click here (standalone version), run it & look under Hardware > Motherboard for the make & model number. Use these details to do a manual search.

If you get stuck, provide us with the motherboard make + model number (OR exact system make & model number) & we'll help you out. G

  oldnovice 20:02 10 Sep 2009


  oldnovice 20:03 10 Sep 2009

sorry had caps lock on

  GaT7 20:08 10 Sep 2009

SIW > Hardware > Memory. Let us know under:

Memory Summary:
- Maximum Capacity
- Maximum Memory module size
- Memory Slots

Device Locator:
- Memory type
- Speed
- Supported Frequencies


  oldnovice 20:19 10 Sep 2009

Memory Summary:
- Maximum Capacity 1536
- Maximum Memory module size 32 mbytes
- Memory Slots 3

Device Locator:
- Memory type ddr(2700)
- Speed 166mhz
- Supported Frequencies 133.3-166.7 mhz

  GaT7 20:45 10 Sep 2009

Right, looks like what you need is PC2700 DDR RAM, with each slot able to take a max of 512Mb.

Do you know how much memory you have installed atm, & how many slots free?

Also the exact model number of the Evesham PC will be a great help. G

  oldnovice 20:57 10 Sep 2009

i have 1024mb 417 free no model think it was one of there specials can i assume from this that i have one slot free and that i can add a 512 mb ram

  GaT7 21:16 10 Sep 2009

Most likely yes, but not 100% sure from the info you provided. SIW is not always accurate with respect to the max one can install.

Let's get a 2nd opinion. Download, install & run EVEREST Free Edition click here.

Or, if you want to take the chance: Corsair PC Memory (RAM) DIMM DDR 333Mhz (PC2700) CL2.5 - 512MB click here = £11.99. G

  oldnovice 21:26 10 Sep 2009

Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
Slot 'A1' has 256 MB
Slot 'A2' has 512 MB
all slots are full if i replace the 2x256 with 512 would i notice much improvement thanks for your help and patience

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