CRT screen goes yellowish.

  polo 21:09 05 Feb 2007

One of my CRT screens keeps getting jaundiced for short periods. I've tried degausing but that doesn't seem to have done the trick. Any suggestions?

  howard64 21:11 05 Feb 2007

check you have not got one of the pins in cable/socket to the graphic card bent

  wee eddie 21:14 05 Feb 2007

If this is what is happening, then your CRT is on the way out.

Degaussing only really cures the, sort of, "moire" patterns caused by presence of magnetic fields in the vicinity of the screen.

  Simsy 21:25 05 Feb 2007

an intermittent connection in the cable. I get this sometimes and a wiggle of the cable puts it right.

It's not a long term cure... but I've been living with it for a while. It only returns if I have reason to move, or accidentally disturb, the cable.

Good luck,



  polo 20:24 08 Feb 2007

Thanks for your helps! It's behaving just at the moment but when it starts again I'll try giving the lead a wiggle but don't think that'll be the answer really. Anybody else got any ideas?

  rodriguez 20:50 08 Feb 2007

If wiggling the cable and straightening pins doesn't help, then I'll go with wee eddie's suggestion that one of the guns is failing in the tube. If this is the case then it should be thrown out. Don't try and repair it yourself - even when unplugged from the mains, CRT devices store huge amounts of electricity which can range between 7,000 to 50,000 volts (depending on screen size). The tube itself also emits radiation. Take it to the local dump and give it to one of the staff who can dispose of it properly - don't throw it in the skip.

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