pixelated 00:45 10 Mar 2003

I need a new monitor. I don't know whether to go for a CRT or LCD. Space is not a problem. Most of my time on my computer is working with graphics. Photos downloaded from my camers etc.
Which type of monitor will give the best results for this type of work.

  Djohn 01:16 10 Mar 2003

Again this is very much a personal view, and their are definitely two camps on this. I have had a 19" Taxan CRT monitor for the past two years, it is a good quality monitor and very hard to fault in any way.

This weekend I went out and bought a 17" TFT, (AOC LM720A)

Besides opening up my desk space immensely, the quality of the display and the vibrancy of the colours are breath taking, only been on it for two days now, but will never go back to the big beige box. Good luck with which ever you choose. J.

  davidg_richmond 02:32 10 Mar 2003

got a tft recently and concur with Djohn, the sharpness and colour is so much better. to get the same from a CRT means paying quite a lot for a flatscreen with a good dot-pitch. but you would still have to fiddle with those darn buttons to get the shape/size right on a CRT!

  Djohn 02:46 10 Mar 2003

davidg_richmond, yep I must admit, I was always adjusting to get a perfect display, now I just switch on, and there it is, perfect edge to edge! And razor sharp text too.

  davidg_richmond 02:53 10 Mar 2003

lol anyone want a 17" CRT? going cheap!!

  €dstow 07:41 10 Mar 2003

Best thing is to try one first. I have eight graphic artists here, including me, and seven of them, including me, would never give a TFT screen a second look. One of us (a new boy) cannot get on with a CRT.

It's all a matter of personal preferences and I don't think anyone can tell you which is the better choice. Remember if you're trying one out, give it a chance - sit at it and use it for a good long time before you say you like it or otherwise!


  Psiman 08:09 10 Mar 2003

Agree with Djohn.

In a few short years it'll be difficult to buy a CRT monitor, that's the way the market is being driven. They definetely give a better display and you will not be disaponted.

BTW, as mentioned on a previous post the TFT monitor is a bigger friend to the environment than last century's CRT, for various manufacturing and disposal reasons.

Sorry for the environmental rant bit, but it's something I feel strongly about.


  Psiman 08:31 10 Mar 2003

In my post above, first para., it should have read TFT/LCD gives a better display (IMO). Must learn to type with more than two digits.....:o)


  pixelated 23:07 10 Mar 2003

Thanks for the response guys, looks like LCD by a length.

  €dstow 08:09 11 Mar 2003

Received by email: "Thanks for your response. I was hoping some one with a graphics background would respond. My worry is that an LCD will not be as true to the colours as a good quality CRT.Are my fears well founded? Any other advice would be appreciated."

I'm pretty sure from technical aspects that LCD screens are as good, or even better, than CRTs. All colour renditions in both are very adjustable by various means either in the monitor itself or in almost any graphics and printer software.

After I answered this thread yesterday, I had a go on an LCD screen and boy, was I glad to get back to my old fashioned (but up to date!) CRT.

There is nothing at all I can define that I didn't like on or in it but, I didn't like it! My new guy feels just the same about CRTs vs LCDs.

We do have a plasma screen here for client presentations and that is a different thing all together! The whole "being" of a plasma display is so different and so much better than other systems that I think everyone would prefer it. The problem, of course, is the cost.


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