SANAP 19:06 25 Jun 2004

This has got me baffled. I have a DELL P790 manufacrured Spetember 1999 and it is set at 1024 X 768 100hz and I like it a lot. So much that I bought another one from ebay and this was manufactured November 2000 but it is set at 1024 X 768 85hz.!! As my old one is so good I am stumped as why one is diferent from the other. I have put exact same settings on each but dont have a clue how I got 100hz. Is it ruled by the graphics card as old has NVIDIA with latest drivers and new has ATI RADEON 9800 pro. Image on both is good but now that I have spotted that 100hz thing I am very curious??

Hope there is a simple explanation!!


  THE TERMINATOR 19:17 25 Jun 2004

Do you mean 100hz is your refresh rate?....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 19:25 25 Jun 2004

click here you may find the answers you are looking for.

  SANAP 19:32 25 Jun 2004

To be honest when I get the OSD up on each monitor is says 1024 X 768 100hz and 1024 x768 85hz so I am assuming this is refresh rates. I have just cheked the nvidia card on old pc and it is set at optimal for refresh rates and it has the facility to set different refresh rates. I am doing a bit of googling as well and as with everything noting is simple.

I just want the same image or as close as on each pc monitor but not sure if the refresh thingy makes any difference.


  Djohn 19:39 25 Jun 2004

Have you installed the driver for the new monitor? Although strictly speaking its not a driver but an Ini. file it will give you access to a higher resolution.

Also right click on desktop/properties/setting/advanced/adaptor tab then click on th "List all modes" button. This will give you a greater range of resolutions to choose from.

The choice will be dictated by your card but it should go up to 100 Htz and if your monitor is capable of working at this resolution and refresh rate then by all means put it up to a refresh of 100 Htz. If it doesn't like this high a refresh rate it will tell you so and revert back to the highest it can display.

Mu 19" Taxan CRT would work quite happy at 101.2 refresh rate and the display was rock steady. j.

  Dorsai 19:51 25 Jun 2004

Why would you want a refresh rate of 100Mhz? I notice screen flicker that people i work with have failed to notice, so would gess i notice it more that others, and i dont notice it above 75Mhz..seeing as a normal TV is about 25Mhz, and we have being living with these for years.....

  hugh-265156 22:17 25 Jun 2004

i doubt your eyes will be able to detect any difference between 85hz and 100hz. 85hz should be solid.

click here says the max for this monitor @ 1024x768 is 85hz.

as Djohn suggested tick 'hide modes this monitor cannot display' and then choose the highest listed. using a higher refresh rate than supported may work ok but may also damage the monitor.

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