CRT monitor hot on one side only

  tony.cooper 13:07 24 Apr 2013

Can anyone tell me why my CRT monitor gets hot on the top left-hand side but cool on the top right-hand side? Many thanks.

  wee eddie 13:18 24 Apr 2013

Three questions:

I's this new or have you only just noticed it?

Are there any new aroma's noticeable?

Otherwise, is the monitor running OK?

  tony.cooper 14:09 24 Apr 2013

I'm sure that I have noticed it before. It doesn't get too hot but is noticably warmer on one side. Otherwise the monitor is working fine.

  wiz-king 14:17 24 Apr 2013

power supply transformer ?

  tony.cooper 09:21 25 Apr 2013

What I wanted to know - is there a part within the monitor that heats up one side more than the other. My machine starts to get warm on the left side virtually straight away but the right side is cool. The temperature remains only warm to hot and so I am not concerned necessarily about the level of heat. I'm not that knowledgable on IT matters but any help gratefully received.

  onthelimit1 09:44 25 Apr 2013

tony. Exactly as wiz-king told you - the power transformer could well be located under the area you speak of, and would be the only place to get warm.

  wee eddie 09:46 25 Apr 2013

Within the monitor is a Transformer. This changes the 240 volt AC Supply into a DC Supply of whatever voltage is needed by the components.

Basically it's 2 lots of wire wrapped around a metal core, which gets warm as it does its bit.

Very likely it's placed on one side of the case which is where you will get your uneven warming.

At the back of the Tube there are also a set of very powerful magnets which frequently generate considerable quantities of heat but these are usually central, although some designs of Low Profile CRTs have these set to one side.

You only really need to worry if you start getting a powerful smell from the back.

Do not open the case and fiddle, under any circumstances, even after the Monitor has been unplugged there are some dangerous voltages there.

  Diemmess 10:00 25 Apr 2013

The vent holes at the back will encourage thermal activity so the top will always be hotter than the bottom. The heat source is almost certain to be a transformer and if this is offset, it would heat one side more than the other.

How hot is hot? My 22" Samsung is only warm, but heats evenly across the top

'Might be worth vaccing across the grille at the back to shift some dusty build-up which will surely happen as time goes by. Don't disturb the cover but give the ventilation holes a thorough going-over!

Probably nothing to worry about.

  Diemmess 10:04 25 Apr 2013

Should have noticed that it is a CRT you have!

The same rules apply but Do Not Open The Case, some components will store a lethal voltage for a very long time after switching off

  spuds 10:07 25 Apr 2013

If the 'heat' as been there for a fairly long time, then just ignore it, because its a usual event. If the 'heat' as only just been noticed, and it appears to be getting hotter with a smell, then action of replacement or repair might be required.

Most people are or have changed from CRT to the more better and far less bulky monitors. Prices and energy saving can be very cost effective on the 'new' type monitors.

  Bris 20:20 25 Apr 2013

Its likely to be either the mains transformer or the EHT transformer but provided its not smelling of burning then it should be OK but as the other guys said its very unwise to open the case as the EHT transformer raises the voltage to around 20,000 volts to supply the final anode of the tube and this voltage will remain even after switching off. Its not to be messed with!

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