CRT Monitor flickering

  Completealias 12:07 03 Feb 2005

Hi all

Have a crt monitor which my other half has noticed its started to devolpe a rather annoying / worrying flicker(over the last week).

Have checked the basics ie screen rez which is set to 1024x728 and refresh rates which is set to 75hz. Am running xp home and have the hide modes that this monitor can't support ticked so am not running it at anything it can't handle.

Graphics card is onboard and am not at home at the mo so can't say what its is specifically just know its an intel model. Have checked in device manager thou and everything looks fine from that end.

So then my question is this am I missing something basic or is it a sign that the monitor is on the way out its only just over a year old thou and not anything special as it was bundled in.

Any ideas thoughts suggestions?


  Djohn 12:42 03 Feb 2005

Most likely cause is either speakers too close to the monitor or any desktop lamp that has a transformer in the base. Check for these and any other items that may have a transformer, even a mobile phone charger, move them away and please post back to let us know how you get on.

  Completealias 12:48 03 Feb 2005

Do have the speakers near the monitor yes but they are hardly used if at all and not kept plugged in will move them further away thou.

No transformers near the monitor, just a thought could the fact that the pc is plugged into an extension lead be causing the probs(we have a real shortage of plug sockets!) and if so why has it only started now when its been like that for a couple of months at least?


  Tycho 15:31 03 Feb 2005

If the effect is caused by the magentic field from the speaker then it will persist whether or not the speaker is used.


  Greengage 15:47 03 Feb 2005

Had similar problem with a CRT monitor about a year ago - was about to replace it (3 years old) but decided to check the lead from monitor to PC. Problem cured disconnecting each and replacing. I know you mentioned that you had checked the obvious never know.

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