CRT monitor discoloured

  TreeMaker 13:32 21 Oct 2006

Hi everyone,

I bought a few days ago a used Lacie electron 22' Blue II monitor and im experiencing some problems and wondered if anybody here can help. The right top corner of the monitor is discoloured (slightly yellow) and i notice some red bleeding against the blue log on windows screen on the left when ever i turn the pc on. Now I contacted the guy I bought it from and he said the problem is minor and easy fixable by using degauss. I have done this and to my knowledge the screen does it automatically when turned on anyway. But no luck. the discoloured patch persist.

Does any one know if this problem is easyly fixable as the seller suggested? or is the screen faulty?

Any help will be appreciated.


  €dstowe 13:42 21 Oct 2006

I've never had much success in "de-colourising" CRT monitors and, as colour is important in our work, they usually get thrown out when this has happened.

Our discarded monitors are taken to the local council recycling unit (tip) where there is always some dealer keen to accept them - most likely to sell on to someone.

  rodriguez 14:07 21 Oct 2006

If degaussing didn't work, it's probably shot. The discolour problem is caused by a magnet that has been put near the screen, probably from a set of speakers. Sometimes degaussing can fix this, other times the damage is permanent. Sometimes if you degauss a few times it will clear, but then if the damage is serious it won't.

  €dstowe 14:11 21 Oct 2006

Be warned - too much degaussing can easily permanently damage a CRT screen leaving you with more than a colour cast.

  TreeMaker 11:29 22 Oct 2006

is it possible by any chance to tell if its magnetic interferance or if the monitor is shot/faulty? i have been advised to get a degaussing wand and degauss it externally but since im not sure what is the case i dont want to be buying any degaussing wands for nothing...

thanks, G.

  Stuartli 11:33 22 Oct 2006

It might be misalignment. See:

click here

for some help.

  Batch 14:07 22 Oct 2006

Not a perfect solution, but placing a magnet near the affected area may provide some degree of remedy. But be warned that the problem may well have been caused by a magnet (as mentioned earlier).

  amonra 16:46 22 Oct 2006

Is there anything close to the corner of the monitor ? Perhaps one of your speakers is within "striking" range.
Perhaps the degauss circuitry is not working.

As a kill-or-cure method, try holding a mains power-unit (the 250 to 12v type) near the front of the screen and keep moving it in a circular motion. See if the shading effect varies. If it does, then do the whole screen and gradually move the unit away from the screen.
The power unit has to be connected to the mains but not necessarily supplying power to anything. it's just the stray magnetic field you are trying to use. The more "ropey" the unit the better !

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