CRT to DVI is it possible

  ACOLYTE 19:06 01 Dec 2004

I have a dell ultrascan21 and i wonted to know if i can connect it to g card via the dvi out, i have the adaptor it came with the graffix card but when i connect it the monitor says no signal,is there something i need to change for this connection type or should it just work.I also have a few connections on the back of the monitor one like a 9 pin din and a few switches do i need to use these.Also would there be any visual difference with the connection.

  Simon_P 19:22 01 Dec 2004

Then the card in not properly seated in its slot.

Tre removing the card and re-seating it.

  Simon_P 19:25 01 Dec 2004

Yes there will be a visula difference between the DVI and din connection.

Does your monitor only support one connection type?

  ACOLYTE 19:36 01 Dec 2004

I have no idea how many connection types it supports as i said there is some other things on the back of the monitor i have never used,i am using it now with the standard connection plugged in to the g card but when i add the adapter to the end of the monitor cable and plug it into the dvi port on card i get no signal.

  harps1h 20:16 01 Dec 2004

if you have a converter to put into the dvi plug at the back of the video card then it should display on your monitor. i had this running on proview 19" out of pc world and it worked fine. theres a better definition on text etc.

  ACOLYTE 20:28 01 Dec 2004

Would i need to reboot for the adapter to kick in? there is an advancd timing part in my grafix card settings dont know what it does,would that have somthing to do with it?.

  ACOLYTE 20:37 01 Dec 2004

I just tried it and the monitor went in to power save mode until i pluggeed the other adapter back in.

  ACOLYTE 14:47 02 Dec 2004

This still show power save mode i cant seem to find out how to set it up,checked the settings in graffix card but it only has TV's listed.

  harps1h 22:37 02 Dec 2004

what is your card? you should have your computer turned off before you change any plugs. do not touch the advance timings you are not proficient enough!

  User-312386 22:45 02 Dec 2004

DVI is the digital interface and gives more enhanced graphics

Like harps1h has said the computer and monitor should both be switched OFF before connecting each DVI

  ACOLYTE 23:14 02 Dec 2004

My card is a fx5700, and on desktop when i right click it says nvidea display but only analogue is showing.i haven't touched advanced timing as i said i don't know what it does.Do you need a DVI on both ends of the cable? if so thats my problem i only have one on the end that goes into card.The monitor cable splits at monitor end in to 5 seperate wires red,green,blue,grey,and black and they connect by pushing them on and turning.

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