Crossover or Patch Cable?

  WiLL-A 22:12 10 Feb 2004

Just tried to set up a 2 PC Home Network. Both Ethernet cards are recognised and connected directly using a RJ45 cable.

Problem for me is that I cant get anything working. Both machines have a red 'x' on the connection icon on the task bar.

After investigating on the net I have heard the term crossover cable mentioned quite alot. I have also read the term Patch cable. I think the cable I have is the later of the two and which is responsible for my network not operating.

Would somebody please confirm this and explain the differences between the two as they both look identical.

Lastly, I want both these machines to share an ADSL internet connection. Is it straight forward to set this up or do I need to invest in a router?

  DieSse 22:24 10 Feb 2004

System to system direct needs a crossover cable.

This is where the data lines are "twisted" so that what i from the output of one goes to the input of the other - and vice versa.

You can see the difference if you look at the colours of the wires at each end. If the colours are in the same order at each end, then it's NOT a crossover cable.

If you use a hub, a switch, or router to connect the systems together, then you use "straight" cables - the "twisting" is done inside the device. Some smarter switches can actually use either type of cable, as the automatically sense the cable configuration, and adjust themselves to use it.

You can share an ADSL connection either by using a router, or by connecting the systems together directly, and using a modem. If you use a router, each systems connection to the line is independant of the other. If you use the modem approach, then the system with the modem always must be on if the connection to the line is required, as it controls access to the modem.

  h04x 22:24 10 Feb 2004

hello m8, u need a crossover cable to connect a pc directly to another pc, using a straight or "patch" cable is no good, u need a crossover in order for both machines to communicate, straight cables are used for being used with a router etc, if you wish to share adsl i seriously recomend a router as it is much simpler, and the prices are so cheap, if u were to set up adsl to share without a router you would need to set one pc to connect to the internet and theother pc to connect to the first one in order to get internet acces, this increases the load on the first pc and if the first pc is running applications then internet will be slow for the second pc, also the forst pc would allways need to b switched on, hope this helps,


  johnnyrocker 22:25 10 Feb 2004

you will find a crossover although it looks identical will have the coloured wires transposed at one end compared to the other and is a cable generally used for connecting two pcs.


  johnnyrocker 22:27 10 Feb 2004

must type quicker.


  Eric10 22:40 10 Feb 2004

In a crossover cable it is just the orange and green pairs that are swapped over.

  WiLL-A 23:23 10 Feb 2004

Many thanks for the replies. Thats exactly what the problem is - I have the wrong cable. Will go out 1st thing 2morro and buy one. Fingers crossed it will be straight forward after that :)

  [email protected] 08:06 11 Feb 2004
  recap 08:41 11 Feb 2004

click here for a crossover cable diagram/description.

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