Crossover cable from win98 to laptop XP problems

  geoff47 18:09 22 Jun 2005

I am trying to connect my daughters laptop running winXP to my Win98 tabletop.
I am connected to NTL Broadband have an ethernet card installed already.
I have been given another Ethernet card and a length of cross over cable by the shop.
I inserted the ethernet card into the Tabletop but had horrendous problems.Have been told it will work if I set it up correctly,and that is where I want advice.I have been getting a "Protection Error" warning on start up and the advice to change settings in safe mode.....advice please,I am grey enough already.
Many thanks for any help.


  briggzy 20:31 22 Jun 2005

Hi, presumably the error goes away if you remove the network card?, if so then try it in another pci slot if there is one available, ensure that the card is in the slot firmly and also if there are any devices not needed such as dialup modem etc then remove those.
if the pc booted fine after first installing the network card and the protection error appeared after installing drivers then it's likely that the drivers are the problem, make sure you install the correct drivers as some network cards ship with cd's that have various drivers for different cards, as a last resort return the network card to the shop and ask for a different make of card.

  geoff47 22:02 22 Jun 2005

I did change the slot,and there is no modem as I changed that for a PCI card when I changed to Broadband some time ago and toyed with Linux.
The man in the shop and from my own research seems to suggest that Networking from win98 to winXP is more difficult,and it is entirely down to setting it up properly.
The advice from Support Microsoft goes right over my head and I quote

"This issue can occur if a virus hooked the INT21h or INT13h chain before windows loaded,an unsafe device driver is detected,or a protected-mode driver in the Iosubsys file located in the Windows\System\Iosubsys folder"

Which supports the idea that it is the driver,I am a little concerned as to what to do to resolve the problem though.
Basically I need some simple directions so I dont do too much damage to the PC...

Any patient people want to act as my guide?
Many thanks for any hints.

  De Marcus 22:08 22 Jun 2005

Is the driver installed that came with the network card?

  geoff47 22:32 22 Jun 2005


I went through the procedure and on reboot Windows asks for the CD that came with the product.
I have since taken the PCI card would I find the driver to reinstall another one if that was the solution?
One of the reasons I need some guidance here.


  De Marcus 23:06 22 Jun 2005

Make sure that any traces of the driver are gone and go through the installation process again, following each and every instruction to the letter.

  geoff47 23:15 22 Jun 2005

How do I find the Driver?
Where would it be?


  De Marcus 23:24 22 Jun 2005

on the cd that came with the network card, xp wouldn't need a driver, 98 will

  geoff47 23:38 22 Jun 2005

I am talking of the drivers on my PC that may be faulty....having physically taken the card from the PC,I presume the drivers remain,and would attempt to reinstall if and when I replace the card.
Is that the case do you know?
Or can I just try and find alternative drivers from the makers website?

  De Marcus 00:06 23 Jun 2005

yes, uninstall those drivers, re-insert the card and re-install the drivers from the cd, if the same problem occurs, go to the manufacturers website and see if there are updated drivers for the card.

  geoff47 00:21 23 Jun 2005

Sorry to ask again....I genuinely dont know how to uninstall the old drivers on my machine,
I asked where do I find them?
How do I uninstall or delete them?

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