Cross Hard Drive Contamination

  DJ-Garry 10:54 25 Apr 2004

I have 2 120Gb HDDs. One has a 'dirty' XP pro installation, ie. messy in and un-installs, various virus' and trojens. I 'THINK' I've cleaned up all the virus and trojens (not 100% sure) but still have some strange tool bars in IE etc. I also have a nice new 'CLEAN' install of XP pro on the other HDD. I need to transfer lots of dat from the old to the new. If I connect up the old HDD as a slave to the new, is there a chance of anything NASTY being transfered over (apart from the wanted files which of course will be scanned for viruses)?
As I understand it, because the old HDD wont be the system drive, things 'should' be ok?

Thank, Garry.

  keith-236785 11:22 25 Apr 2004

it is possible tha any nasties on the "dirty" h/d could infect the clean one, only way to be sure is to try.

would be better perhaps to swap hard drives, then boot up, if you have internet connection, click here, download, install and run a full scan of the hard drive on ATS (anti trojan shield), it will tell you if you have any nasties hiding. then click here and do an online virus scan, once you have done these and dealt with what they find, it should be safe to put the drive in as slave and get the files you want.

once you have all the files you need, Format the old drive to ensure you have got rid of them.

  DJ-Garry 02:30 26 Apr 2004

Many Thanks paperman27.

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