Cropping image to specific size

  sheila.weston 11:10 23 Sep 2011

Is there any way in which I can crop an image to a specific size? I have an image in portrait orientation and want to extract the top half of the photo so that it is exactly 1024 x 768. OK I could use trial and error, but would prefer being able to set the dimensions of the crop.

Many thanks, as always.

  sheila.weston 11:11 23 Sep 2011

I have Photoshop Elements 8.

  onthelimit1 11:17 23 Sep 2011

Do you have Microsoft Office? If so, you can do exactly that in Picture Manager.

  woodchip 11:19 23 Sep 2011

If you crop a Image you cannot set dimensions, as it will just crop the outside edge all way round, you have to use the crop tool and drag it on the picture to what you want to remove, the you can size the picture after to what you want before saving it

  eedcam 12:48 23 Sep 2011

Crop out the exact bit you want then choose resize image and tick resample you can then set the pixels to the required figure however you will need to make sure you have unticked the constrain proportions otherwise one of them will be wrong. Note your image may well be distorted if its not acceptabe then you have a bit of work to do . May I ask why it needs to be this specific resolution

  sheila.weston 17:44 23 Sep 2011

My posted reply to onthelimit1 didn't get printed, for some reason. Yes, I have m/s Picture Manager, although I have never used it. I tried it quickly before I went out and it seemed to be just what I wanted, with the crop size showing as I select it. Perfect! I'll mark this as resolved when I have tried it properly tomorrow. I may use it along with the rezize tool in PSE.

Many thanks to all.

  sheila.weston 19:40 24 Oct 2011

I have just come back to this problem. I need passport size photo of approx 3cm x 4cm for an identity badge. I want to use one which I have had taken at home. I have cropped the picture to approx the right size. Picture Manager seems to be working in pixels, though ie it is 1315 x 1518px. I am using 4 x 6 photo paper and am trying to print on just a corner of it. I feel that there should be a way to reduce/increase the resolution to get the right size??

  onionskin 23:15 24 Oct 2011

I haven't used Photoshop since V4, but it must have a Canvas Size or Paper Size option. Crop your photo to approx. size, as you have done. Then use Canvas Size to trim to final the size. You should be able to choose to chop a bit off the top or the bottom or both, same with the sides, or crop an equal amount all round.

  onionskin 23:31 24 Oct 2011

Or you may be able to use your printer Options to resize - after you click Print, take a look around the dialogue box, see what it allows you to do.

Or try Print Layout if that's available in Elements.

  onionskin 23:39 24 Oct 2011

Or create a New Document of the size you want then cut and paste your photo into it and drag the corners to resize it to fit.

  eedcam 05:40 25 Oct 2011

Sheila have alok at this thread its a similar project I advised using irfan view which is free o which the person used and got it sorted youll need to look at my replies in the thread

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