Critique on Design of Site

  adamcoppard 20:08 28 Mar 2007


If possible could I have some critique of the DESIGN of the site that is click here (testing server) and as it is in deign at the moment it only has placeholder text.
Any comments (good or bad) appreciated. Thanks


  AndySD 03:29 29 Mar 2007

Unable to access the site

  adamcoppard 07:32 29 Mar 2007

Ur, the testing server it is hosting on (just for testing) is only on from bout seven in moring to 11 at night.

  Jim Thing 11:19 29 Mar 2007

Unable to access the site at 11:20 a.m.

  gibbs1984 11:55 29 Mar 2007

I did a validation check and it came up with some errors:


click here


Was ok.

Looks good, only read the first paragraph on the first page though cause the rest the site is in some other language.

"and follow al the guidlines laid down by the" mispelt all.

Design wise it looks good to me, if I was being really nit picky then I would dull down the background a bit cause it did my eyes in after a while.

  cycoze 12:48 29 Mar 2007

The background is very distracting.

  silverous 16:56 29 Mar 2007

Agreed with cycoze on the background - making me dizzy!

  anchor 17:01 29 Mar 2007

Agree with cycoze also. That background is not good.

  mco 17:08 29 Mar 2007

If you don't mind me adding to the comments - came on to mention about the background only to find others had beaten me to it!
RHS: webstandarDs and compliAnce

  PurplePenny 15:44 30 Mar 2007

You've mentioned accessibility several times on your home page but you have several accessibility errors on that page.

The alt text should be an appropriate representation of the image; it shouldn't be a precise description if that is not appropriate to the context. Turning off images on your home page results in the following appearing (on my screen) across your navigation boxes:
which is quite unreadable to me and would be annoying to anyone listening to the page. You don't need "arrowfor" each time: just Home, About, Portfolio, and Contact. Even worse is "arrowforcontactthewebmaster": I hate to think what a screen reader would make of that!

The text on your logo is tiny and it doesn't scale up when the size is increased. I couldn't read it.

" launched" is a subheading of "News" and should be marked up as a heading not by using bold.

And that background... not good for migraine sufferers (who sadly are not included in accessibility guidelines) or some epileptics (who are).

  fitshase 20:42 30 Mar 2007

Too many I's changing to We's on the page:-

"I am a freelance web designer/developer, a graphic designer (I like branding and logos) and software developer....."


"We love to build websites, and follow al the guidlines laid down...."

If it is you, stick with "I". If it is many, stick with "We". Don't switch between as it gives a confusing picture.

Also, the link to W3C takes the vistor away from your site. Add _blank to the hyperlink target to open the link in a new window.

Finally, I have to agree with others about the background.

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