Critics Needed

  geoff47 21:49 20 Jul 2007

Can I have some constructive critisism please.

But be gentle with me.

click here 23:14 20 Jul 2007

I hate frames on any site, but the one here needs sideways scrolling which makes it even worse! From what I saw apart from that it looks a very neat site.

  geoff47 00:15 21 Jul 2007

Thanks Barry, I dont get the need to scroll, what page are you having to scroll ?

Thats why I am on here asking so I get unbiased help.

  Alebe 00:31 21 Jul 2007

A nice introduction page but it would be nicer to be able to view the whole page. The page has to be scrolled from side to side and up and down. Better to widen the page is possible. Lovely site otherwise.

  mco 00:39 21 Jul 2007

I don't have to scroll but I have a widescreen - I just looked at your site with this click here
and on an 800x600 screen you do have to scroll the middle bit. Have a look.

  geoff47 01:04 21 Jul 2007

Thanks mco brilliant facility.
I shall be working on the scrolling.
I did want a scroll free site I find side scrolling the most annoying thing on any website.I dont even like visible scroll bars on pages where there is a need to scroll.

Thanks for the input

  geoff47 20:25 21 Jul 2007

Thanks fourm member,
I dont really understand frames, having approached site building from within a NOF and never really understanding what is happening, other than the graphic design that I can see, and not how different browsers alter what is on MY page.
I shall check and double check the typing though and work on making a frameless site next.

  mco 21:48 21 Jul 2007

set up your site in NOF? I ask because I've done a few basic sites in NOF and they don't come out in frames - so you must have done something specific to get frames- I wonder what? It's something to do with how you set the side borders I think - did you tick the 'add autoframes' box in Master Border properties? Incidentally, I think your site is both original and beautiful and well suits the products it's advertising.( Am I right that you posted an earlier version of it some months ago- which I also liked?)

  geoff47 23:55 21 Jul 2007

How did I get frames ?
I dont really know....sad isn't it ?
I set up the opening page because I like the idea of a scene setting page, then had problems making the following ones different.
During the design process I added and subtracted the top side and bottom borders at various times.
The site was made over a period with long gaps between.I have just looked and cannot see 'add autoframes' so its not that.
I dont think I use half the features in NOF, because I am wary of changing what I have made already,plus I dont know what they are and simplicity is always best.
Thanks for the compliment, and yes I did post the father of this site some time ago.....I design them without understanding how or what I am doing.

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